Hooponopono Gets Right to the Source Your Data

Hooponopono is really what this whole website is about, being 100% responsible for ourself. By being aware how we are personally perceiving others and everything and cleaning it up. It’s how we create a sustained healthy body, peace when we choose to not alter our peace from reactions to old programs running in our subconscious. It’s the knowing that “the world is in me” or in you and cleaning what we are perceiving what Dr. Hew Len says is our “data” memories. As Dr. Len also says, it's never about the other person or situation, that's just the reflection of data we have running still in ourselves that needs to be worked on.

Why do we want to clean it up? To experience the sustained freedom and peace or bliss in any situation with anyone or thing. Also with the added benefit of evolving to instant manifestations with no effort. When we “clean data” programming in our memories in our own self we open a clearing or connection for the divine or infinite creator to come through with no old programs, subconscious memories or data to alter and distort the pure infinite and inspiration.

Hooponopono process is saying the words, “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you” and doing it whenever data comes up. Which for most of us is constantly.

What I love about hooponopono is it’s the simplest way, though not easy because we all have so much subconscious data going on all the time. It's not having to sort anything out, instead it's being aware of what that person, thing or situation is triggering, and what we perceive about it. So by saying the statements after we are aware of the data that is coming up.

It will surface deep data right on the spot and sometimes even bring you to tears as it did for me especially when it's data we have been stuck in for a very long time. It's when we say the words after the data has surfaced and then feelings about the data also surfaces. Then from our heart and soul we release, let go and let the Divine or Infinite Spirit take care of that negative data and neutralize it to mean nothing, it's so freeing.

If you really want to clear the connection for all the benefits of being a clear connection to allow the infinite divine source come through, then we do it all of the time. Moment to moment with everyone and every situation that is out of the natural harmony of Love.

Mastering Hooponopono Leads to Freedom

Anyone who has mastered total and sustained freedom in everything is being 100% responsible for everything in every way. They have mastered bringing everything to a neutral state of nothingness and created it to be the highest potential for their experiences. This is love's evolution. To be a clear vibration or channel connected and open to Source or the Infinite Creator, the Divine.

Seth taught it as the “powerful present moment”, Ramtha teaches it as releasing all of our past, Bashar teaches it by neutralizing everything, “nothing has built in meaning but the meaning we give it.” Abraham teaches to clean our vibration, tune it. Jesus taught, “forgiveness”, so all masters teach it in their own unique ways and labels but it all means the same thing.

Old data or subconscious memories in not from the Infinite Divine it's old data playing as Ego v/s Infinite Being hell v/s heaven, good v/s bad, and it's all just judgments in our subconscious memories which Dr. Hew Len refers to as data v/s superconscious or infinite consciousness. It’s all duality and separation from our Infinite Source or Divinity.

Cleaning it Up with Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale with Zero Limits
For Faster Results

Dr. Len Hew teaches how he cleans himself every moment with everyone and everything in his experience. What it’s all about is Mirror Reflection work, keeping that invisible mirror on our self.

Hooponopono ... in Hawaiian definition "Hoo means cause and ponopono means perfection". Cleaning the data to a zero state.

So that every experience and every person and every object we come into contact with in every way, we pause and clean it up. Because it's always how we are perceiving the data so that we can see it clearly without separation from our infinite source. The Absolute Freedom.

Dr. Hew Len's Amazing Results

Dr. Hew Len "worked as the staff psychologist at a mental hospital for the criminally insane." "Patients were sedated and shackled. Employees quite on a regular basis. Yet they all were healed and released as Dr. Len worked on cleaning himself of what he calls data, our subconscious programming of recorded memories."

Now this is the most amazing proof of what Hooponopono can do, to have all the criminally insane patients healed and released without Dr. Len even seeing them. He read their information and worked on what data came up in himself of his perception of each patient. Then let go for Divine to take over and clean up or transform the data to neutral.

Dr. Joe Vitale joined up with Dr. Len in Hawaii which is the creation of these fantastic DVD's of the event called “Zero Limits” which you can check out through this link Click Here!

Just amazing information to learn what and how to clean it up through Ho'oponopono for your ultimate freedom and bliss every day. To continue to clean consciously to be an open channel to the Divine, or the Infinite Creator.

If you have not read the book Zero Limits you can also buy it here

My Beginning with Cleaning it Up

I started what I still refer to as the Mirror Reflection technique over 20 years ago from the Seth, Jane Roberts teaching. It does seem that though the labels have changed of it’s teaching, it’s the most profound work we can do. It sure does take moment to moment, daily work on our own self so that we then reflect that reflection outward in the reality we are creating.

If you are having similar experiences from all the years of working on yourself but still have some big blocks that are preventing you from peace in certain situations. And also from receiving your desires, this process will unblock them if you do them all the time and on everything. I released 5 lbs in a couple days without changing what I ate, by just allowing what surfaced as buried feelings that I have been carrying around as older data and releasing those feelings.

As we clean the "data" for our clearer connection with the Infinite Creator or Source. We're removing the data that keeps surfacing, it's being in an open clean state of being, to see everyone and everything in their already perfect divine state. It's cleaning to allow the Divine Infinite Creator to experience reality in the way we were originally created without data or old programs of memories. Allowing the Infinite power of Infinite untainted love to come through us in physical

Total Freedom is Working through all that keeps us Separate from our Infinite Source

All the masters teach, Joy and Love in everything.
Joy and being thankful for the realization to know the differences, which is being thankful for the contrasting data so it can show us the opposite of it. And using that contrast as the greatest opportunity to evolve by clearing up the old data and letting it go once and for all.

Forgiving ourself for not knowing and now being aware that will add to the releasing of the memories that have kept us separate from our infinite source. Then loving yourself so it can flow thru our perception of everyone and everything else.

It has made the most amazing difference in my life as I continue to do this cleaning or mirror reflection work all of the time. The freedom is amazing when we come to know that we always have the choice in the moment to clear up our own data, or perception of what we see in others. For me it has totally changed my relationships with others and everything I come interact with. People, objects and situations and healing healing of any illness becomes natural.

Using everything and everyone as our opportunity to release the judgment memories that keep us separate from our infinite source, which is the Infinite Creator's Love Pure Power. Hooponopono allows us to clean by being aware by the moment and say the words that cleans up the data.

Anyone or Anything You Experience is an Opportunity to Clean it Up

All other individuals that trigger our most lower vibrations as fear, doubt, anger can be our best teachers to reflect for ourself using our inspiration of Infinite Power.

It doesn’t really matter who it is because if you have attracted them to you then it’s your own reflection. Your vibration that tuned them in and it's up to you to clean it up and hooponopono is the most focused way to do it.

This is the whole point about making everything as joyful and fun as it can be. Removing all the judgments that dictate and create the illusion of working on ourselves to be tedious and drudgery. Instead clean it up by perceiving it as fun and it will transform into a passion because you know it keeps you on a high vibration and an open pure channel from the Infinite Creator.

It actually can become fun when we don’t take it all so seriously and just see it as another continuous opportunity to learn, expand towards our infinite source that then allows us to be free from the old memories that keeps us separate. Then you will be using Hooponopono to create your day your way.

If you are reading this then just like myself and others who are on the leading edge of our sustained passion, our purpose this time round to know all we can about the nature of reality. And how we can do everything we possibly can to clean it up with Hooponopono to live our life of our highest potentials. To become whole and eventually experience the freedom of sovereignty, and become our infinite divine self in physical by being a clean open channel that allows us total freedom.

If you still have not checked out how Dr. Joe Vitale with Dr. Len teaches how to clean it all up with Hooponopono and their “Zero Limits” event, you can check out through this link and amaze yourself with this information Click Here!

Remember that You are Worth it! Being created from the Infinite Creator and have the most amazing Infinite Love within you already. It's when you become to know it by how you perceive everything starting with yourself first that allows the Infinite to flow. Hooponopono is so profound, you will see your reality change in the most amazing ways.

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