My Estore of Published Books

The links below will take you to my individual Estore for each book with a description. Thanks and I really hope you enjoy them.

Stumbling Through Infinity Poetry
Filled with poems I wrote that not only inspire but also expressions about family, love, relationships, nature, challenges, holidays and more with added photos I have taken.

So either through my estore or through Amazon this link will take you directly to where you can Look Inside the books first.  This link will take you to Amazon Canada's website.

You can view a few poems click this poetry page link.

Knowledge Transforms to Wisdom Poetry
This poetry book expresses mostly knowledge that has transformed to wisdom through my own experiences added with photos I have taken.

Infinite Manifesting
This book is this website created into book form up until April 2011, as new pages are always added to the website that could not be added when it was published.

The Hidden Key Orgasm Reveals
In this book I go into detail about what orgasm may have been created or designed by the original Infinite Creator. With explanations and guidance to transform every challenge you have into a natural powerful orgasmic blissful state where all our power resides. Reserving orgasm for just sexual pleasure can really be a waste of the most powerful energy.

Evolving Reality of Bewitched
Even if you are not a fan of the Bewitched Show this book goes into depth about our psychic paranormal abilities.

Forever in Bloom Poetry
This book is the two poetry books merged without photo's, with some new added poems.

The Self Healing Master in You
It's filled with my experiences and guidance to taking all of your power back and learning to trust yourself. How all pain, discomfort and disease is created and how to heal yourself to bring your body back into its natural harmony. I have massive experience with self healing because I have been self healing for over 20 years, with no doctors or medication.

Nature Abound Nature has everything to show us about ourselves and how to be consciously connected to nature and you can enjoy our personal adventures throughout this book, with added photography. Camping, canoeing and living in harmony with nature daily.

5 of the books are available through Kindle though they have slightly different covers, they are the same books as the paperback ones.


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