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Do You have Divine Confidence?
March 01, 2013

It’s great to connect with you again it has been awhile, has the time gone by fast for you? It sure has for me. Have you experienced anything out of the ordinary? Have you been building on your divine confidence? This month’s newsletter is a reminder to inspire you to continue building on your divine confidence.

There have been many new submissions especially on the DNA changing symptoms webpage and remember any input you add is always helpful in every way, whether you are sharing your experiences or inspiring others with your insights from your experiences.

This also shows that more and more of you are experiencing many changes from expanding your consciousness as you continue to evolve. And that’s fantastic. Even though some of the symptoms seem challenging many of you continue to go full speed ahead because you are also experiencing more benefits that out weigh the symptoms.

New Webpages

The pages that I have written and added to the website this month that are below will serve as not only reminders but also to inspire you to keep going so that you can finally get beyond the symptoms while you continue to experience more of the benefits of higher consciousness. In other words transforming anything that’s still seems impossible into experience it as proof that it can be done. This is what we are evolving to do and become, different than what we were doing and being in the past.

So we are conditioning ourselves in the most empowering new ways that are aligned in love’s consciousness starting with ourselves as it flows, magnifies, “as within, so without” as we become the divine being we came here to be, and build up our memories of divine confidence. The greatest reminder is to remember that any challenges you are going through presently is a blessing in disguise to see the situations from a higher consciousness perspective.

Ask how would you resolve this situation of experience as a deliberate creator that you are? Reminding yourself that you are changing and have changed, so you no longer resolve challenging situations the old way, you resolve them the new way.

As an example if you are short on cash, the old way is to work extra hours maybe doing a job you no longer even want to do. The new way is to use your brain to rewire it for cash to come in different ways that will perpetuate evolving and building up new memories in the process as a deliberate creator. So whether it’s health, wealth, no matter the situation, transform any fear as a divine blessing that transmutes it to love as the new creative evolving way to resolve it and you will keep a clear in tuned connection to infinite higher source.


What are soulmates? Does it feel like there’s one soul mate for you? Or has your perception of soulmates expanded to include everyone you come in contact with? You can read my experiences and insights of soulmates through this link..

Peak Awareness

As we continue practicing self-awareness and being aware in general, knowing it’s a major part of our journey in evolution as we expand in consciousness, our awareness expands to Peak Awareness. Shining the light so that everything we experience we are learning from and transforming.

Mastered Manifestations

As we continually work on and mastering more limitations we become to experience more of our desires manifested. To master something we must practice, and the more we practice the more we master our ability to sustain our capabilities of being a deliberate aware creator and continue to create specifically what we desire. As the memories build of our Mastered Manifestations it becomes easier each time so that we become mastered at the manifestation.

Divine Confidence

As we experience more of our desires manifested, especially the desires that in the past seemed impossible, we are building new memories of our successes that become our Divine Confidence. As we build new memories we become more confident in our divine abilities in creating and with less effort as it quickens our desires to be manifested.

Also remember to check on the What's New Page. if you have not been to the website in awhile there are some interesting links. If the mastered manifestation link does not work, you can get to it also from the what's new blog page.

Well let’s get ready to celebrate the next big desire you manifest, especially if it seemed impossible and you then experience it. There’s no limit, so let’s rejoice in knowing that as you continue to make the impossible possible with your focused intentions you are constantly evolving and building your divine confidence too.
Infinitely Anna

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