Soulmates is a word that can describe many different perceptions.  Everything and everyone we come into contact throughout our lives can be described as a mating connection for our soul.  When we allow ourselves to go deeper into understanding our intuitive guidance of firstly what a soul may be and what a mating process can also become for us to learn and grow in our expansive evolving journey.


In all my research and experiences of what a soul may be, my wisdom so far resonates best with Ramtha’s description.  Ram’s description of a soul is that we all have a soul in our body that sits along side our physical heart slightly to the side of it.  Our soul weighs 13 ounces if we are to measure it in physical definitions.  I have read information that it has been discovered that when we die we weight less, so that means we do lose some weight.  Ram also describes that our soul is infinitely expanding as we formulate and record new experiences, so the soul in essence is a recorder of experiences infinitely.  Our soul is also connected to our higher or infinite self, spirit, and is always retained.  In essence we are also our soul, and mating with other soulmates, our soul is the most intricate part of us always along with our infinite spirit.   


Defining mate in a deeper more intuitive meaning, we can acknowledge that mate is a connecting to anything or anyone.  To mate is to join, interact, intermingle, expand, interconnect with others and information and experiences.  Literally, we are doing this mating all of the time.  In quantum mechanics it is referred to as ‘entanglement’ unified.  So at the deepest levels we are all mated, even though it is invisible to our vision or perceptional filters, fundamentally we are connected as part of an infinite source.  All intricately pieces of ONE SOURCE.

If we encounter a hard to deal with person, we are mating in a connection because we have an effect, whether the effect is negative as in we react out of fear, anger, or we respond lovingly.  We are still affected in some way.  If we are neutral where we are not affected at all, then we probably would not even encounter them as an interaction in the first place.  This can go on and on when we perceive it through all our interactions daily that continuously enfolds all the time.   This also is experienced of the opposite too, encountering the most loving individuals.


We must also take a look at descriptions of love because it can have dualistic properties.   If we perceive to define love from the altered ego personality then we define love in so many separate filtering layers.  So if we are loving this way then we will also find that we can hate things about the certain people we love and about situations and things too.  These are dual filters that can teeter back and forth. 

This is the reason that it is stated that there seems to be a thin line between love and hate.  When we get into the middle of the line or paradox, we find no conditions, no judgments, instead we find pure unconditional love.  To love for no reasons except because we are part of the one, whole source or creator/creation.   Experiment with this for a couple of days to peak your awareness of which way you are really experiencing everyone and everything.  Is it in a unified love or a dual polarity love?   Then you will know how much you may have to work on transforming separation, dualistic love to unifying love.


Relationships are not just reserved for people and certain individuals.  We can have an intimate relationship with a certain tree that we relax and contemplate certain things, and we can have relationship with things as objects too.  Especially if there is many memories contained or attached to certain things or objects.  It could be a ring, necklace, candles and on and on.  We can have relationships with animals.  We certainly have relationships with our emotions too. 

So relationship is really about anything or anyone we can relate to, that we do relate to, and so many connections go unnoticed about the relations.  Really everything is about our relationship to everything else.   Now that we have taken a deeper look at what soulmates can really describe for our own experiences, we can clearly see that soulmates are not reserved to just one person in our lives.  We are soulmating all the time.  Our soul within us of our infinite recordings is mating and interconnecting through all our interactions.  As we go deeper into the unified sense then is there really just one person who could be your soulmate in this lifetime?

Ego Soulmates

Ego soulmates can be referred to as dualistic because we come to believe that one person is our most appropriate person for us out of everyone in this world.  We may feel a deep connection, however that deep connection is really an infinite intuition to go deeper.  Which is to reconnect with the part of us that we are seeing so lovingly and or longing in another person we refer to as a soulmate.

I feel it is guiding us to fill in our own pieces of the love we are longing for to connect with in ourselves.  In another we feel this heartfelt loving of another person who is really only mirroring in ourselves the pieces that we are not realizing we have within.    All depending if it’s coming from ego personality or infinite spirit.  Either one will eventually get us to where we are going. 

If we come to a conclusion that it has to be that certain person, there may be a big revelation in that we will expand our consciousness.  By being aware of this on such an intricate level to see through the illusion that it may surely be the ego’s personality guiding us to believe that the other person is our soulmate.  So it does make a difference where the guidance is coming from. 

There are also so many infinite possibilities for our future that we may not see yet for ourselves, and combined with also the other person we perceive as our soulmate’s infinite journey as part of their infinite journey too.  Other soulmates may pop into our experiences that we did not realize are part of a preplanned before birth to meet.  That is the reason higher guidance can keep us on the infinite path.

Infinite Soulmates

Infinite soulmates is seeing all others as intricately interwoven or entangled as anyone else.  Though I truly feel that we have preplanned with certain beings to meet up with after we birth into physical, and when we do meet up we feel this heartfelt connection as soulmates.  

When we go deeper from that point to come to realizations that the preplanned destiny was a destination to meet up and learn what we desired to learn as part of our expanding growth in higher consciousness.  Yes they are a piece of it all, however not the end all either.  Of course there are also preferred choices that we make with the other soulmates too. 

Higher intuitive guidance will brightly shine the way if the person is also part of the longer infinite plan or not.  This is important  to pay attention to, so that awareness is noticed that the ego is not getting into detour your path.  Yet detours are also great learning experiences along the way too and through hindsight we always see the reasons for everything.

Past, Future and Present Soulmates

I have been on both ends just as you may have been too of ego and infinite spirit love of experiences with many soulmates.  Throughout my years of so called intimate love relationships, now my perception has expanded to realize that everything is in a way an intimate relationship with everything and everyone. 

I have ended relationships at certain times in my life that I felt I was outgrowing, yet at the time I didn’t realize the deep wisdom of external reflection as guidance back then or the Essene teachings.  However there was one male I encountered when I first began to awaken to the nature of reality that was way ahead of me.   Now through hindsight, I can see how advanced he was even though he was also much younger than me too.   He could turn lights on and off just by his focused intentional thought, and he could create sparks to occur too.  At the time I perceived it through my own emotional addictions, and judgments that I didn’t understand at the time.  It was like he was showing me a future that was so unknown for me at that time, and it was scary, only because I didn’t know back then what I know now.  I feel he was a future soulmate, and a kind of a catalyst role model of possibilities looking back through hindsight now.  Encountering him in my past that I am remembering in this present, I realize that he did have an affect or imprint on my soul.  He continually tried to form a relationship with me for awhile, however I was nowhere near ready for a relationship with him because my fears were too uncomfortable for me at the time. 

Other past ego love relationships I had that I left and ended because I believed at those times that I was outgrowing them. I became to realize that all of those individuals had different outward appearances, yet they all had the same ego personality that I was too learn was a reflection of myself.   My triggers of what was inside me to work on that at any of those times I was not dealing with.  I consider those relationships as soulmates too.  So my journey may have been shorter had I realized all of that wisdom in those parts of my past, I did learn and grow from each one bit by bit.  Also with the advantages of different experiences along the way too.  So I have no regrets about any of them, or wouldn’t change any of those relationships of experiences either.  Which brings me to my present that I have now decided to take that closer look within and use the relationship I am in to do the deepest work forward. 

So either way, ego love or infinite love, at ITS deepest levels is all interconnected and will eventually brings us to evolutionary growth in consciousness.  The only thing to be aware of is getting stuck in an ego love that the infinite spirit perpetually is trying to guide us another way then we think it should be.  Sometimes we may have to let go of this yearning of a particular soulmate and be finely clearly in tuned to higher guidance just makes it an easier more effortlessly flow.  There is never any right or wrong way, there are only different paths along an infinite journey.  Following our heart will be the truest guidance from higher consciousness.   Realizing that all encounters are soulmate’s at the deepest level and using it as sign post that will take us on paths that are in alignment with our infinite journey.

Love Companion,
Be the Person You Desire to Attract

If you are single and desiring to attract your preferred love companion, it would be the same technique you use with anything you desire to manifest, just be the person you want to attract to you.

Attracting your preferred mate as a love companion in a love intimate relationship is doing the same thing you would do with everything else you desire and manifest.  So whether it’s healing, or money, or a soulmate, no matter what it is, it takes becoming what you desire first that will be the way to attracting or manifesting what you want or desire, including your soulmate.   Because whoever you attract to you is already a tuned in vibrational frequency to who you are now in totality, be it first and the attraction forces of energy will manifest your desired love companion to you.

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