Peak Awareness

Tuning up your daily noticing into peak awareness is so beneficial for your evolutionary growth because you will be continually putting more and more pieces together of how you are creating your reality moment to moment.  

From the simplest things you do to the biggest things.  So much can go unnoticed that can lead to lower emotional feelings and noticing can nip it before it escalates, if it has already escalated then it’s even more essential to stay aware.

Peak-Awareness of Fear or Love?

Using your awareness to notice if you are doing things out of fear or love? I still find even being on this journey for as long as I have been on it, just as you may also be, that we may still be doing things out of fear.  When through high levels of awareness we could stop and change in the moment that we notice we are doing anything out of fear, we change it.  Imagine how that can snowball into transforming more fear into love, as we all know the amazing benefits that love has compared to doing anything out of fear.

We must also remind ourselves to embrace fear too because fear is really a big blessing in disguise.  So it’s useful and we can love and embrace fear for what it leads us to which is transforming fear to love.

Let’s take a look at a really simple example, do you put slippers on as soon as you awake from your sleep, or later after you are up for a bit?  What is the reason that you put your slippers on originally?  You will be using peak awareness to notice these things.  Is it out of fear? Fear that you don’t want to step on any critters, or fear that your feet may become dirty? If that’s the case then next time don’t put on your slippers and walk bare feet for a while.  By doing this you are actually taking action in transforming that fear, letting your brain and body know that this one step is already making a change by using peak awareness.   Or is it because you just love wearing slippers on your feet?  The same could be noticed if you walk around bare feet too.  Continue to see everything this way with peak high levels of awareness.

Peak Awareness Leads to Self Love

You are already Intimate with what you do, high levels of awareness allows you to realize it and enjoy it more fully and it’s also loving yourself.  And we already know how essential loving ourselves can be for everything, yet we may still be doing things that are not loving for ourselves and may not notice it unless we become more aware to keep noticing.

If you wear slippers just because you love wearing slippers, then continue to wear slippers and realize that you are actually being intimate with your slippers and yourself.  The slippers that you love wearing on your feet are intimately touching and embracing your feet, so that is being intimate with yourself.  That’s one tiny thing out of many that shows your self love by being in peak awareness. 

When we become this peak aware to notice all the tiniest reasons we do things and continue to change any fear ones, we will be perpetually transforming so much to love.  The more we do it, the more it will become an infinite habit instead of a reactive unnoticed habit.  The more we do transform to love, the more we become even more intimate in loving ourselves and it overflows into everything.

Your Percentage of Peak Awareness

At the end of each day and if you were to evaluate your awareness in percentages of 0 being the lowest and 100 being the highest in percentage, what would it be for you?  This can be used as an inspirational tool to influence you to consciously become more aware throughout the day about everything.  How many synchronicities have you noticed through your awareness in one day?  How many desired manifestations did you notice?  And also noticing the gaps in timing of the manifestations?

Remember we are not judging ourselves in anyway, we are only keeping ourselves as aware as we can and using percentages can be an inspiration to do that.  Being aware allows us to make changes and making changes for our highest benefits is what it’s all about.

Peak Awareness
Switching Realities

When we perceive our awareness as we are switching realities constantly then we can also realize moment to moment how peak awareness can be our greatest tool.  From moment to moment we always have a choice to notice and transform in that moment for the next moment to change to our preferences. 

Even if it takes some time to notice the shifting changes, it’s so worth noticing because it reinforces that we are creating moment to moment.  Our own evidence proves it to ourselves and it becomes just knowing that is the way the nature of reality works, and we become the ultimate programmer deliberately creating  more of our preferences as we continue to use the love energy.

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