Divine Confidence
is Our Birth Rite

Divine confidence is our birth rite, however we usually build upon ego confidence until we come to the point in our lives and realize that the divine is our true connection to infinite source or spirit.  This is what awakening, enlightenment and so forth is all about, realizing and aligning and fine tuning ourselves with the infinite divine.

By divine I mean higher consciousness, already have risen beyond social consciousness into all possibilities that leads us out of conformity into new horizons and adventures in experiencing and mastering any limitations. 

Responding naturally now to any negativity with love because you know from your own experiences that it’s the most beneficial way to respond, it has the highest benefits for yourself that overflows into everything and everyone else.  You no longer need convincing of this because you have had enough proof and experiences of the differences in contrast to responding fearfully or lovingly.  And it probably took allot of years of practice to have it become naturally and divinely the way you are now.

 If you are not yet naturally responding lovingly to everything and everyone, then it may be the next step for you, and will know the benefits for yourself as you continue on the infinite journey that continues to build on your divine confidence. 

Do You Have Divine Confidence?

One simple way to know if you have divine confidence is taking notice when you have a desire and how much trust and confidence do you have in it being manifested?  And how long is the time gap between your desire and the manifestation of it?  Also be cautious not to be judging yourself either, you want to just be noticing so that you can keep building on your divine esteem and not be weighed down with too many detours of ego judgments about what you are noticing. 

Another way to know if you have divine confidence is by noticing if you are judging yourself, are you?  Unconditional self love is exactly what it states, loving yourself without any judgments or any conditions.  You may notice things you desire to change, however if it’s guidance from the infinite source then it will also be aligned with divine self-esteem too.

Aging is a Mental Disease

As an example, let’s use aging.  What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read that aging is just another disease?

When we come to the realization that aging is another disease that means we have moved beyond the conformed collective consciousness of beliefs that guides people to age and die.  When we really know that we do create our reality and that includes our body by our thoughts and beliefs then we also know and keep our thoughts on sustaining our body of health and youthfulness.  That type of infinite thinking is what reprograms our body’s DNA to now respond and create our body to stay youthful and well.  For the divine reason that it’s part of our evolution to be able to jump off the reincarnational wheel of birthing and dying.  We then can continue with all our memories intact.

So we can beware by noticing if your desire is from old conditioning or divine guidance by how we react to aging and any reflection we see especially when we walk by a mirror or by noticing in what condition our body is in.   What are your reasons to reverse or sustain youthfulness?  Depending on your answers to these questions will show you if you’re working from ego or the infinite divine.  This also makes quite the difference in our evolutionary path we continue on too.  If it’s from fear of aging then it’s a blessing because that realization can be the trigger sign to transform to perceive it from the divine instead.  It’s the same thing with poverty too, it’s another mental disease that we can see through and change that will build on our divine confidence.    

How to Build Divine Confidence

When we continue to stay on the path of listening to our infinite divine guidance it will always be leading us beyond conformity into experiencing what we haven’t experienced in our past.  These ideas may seem as new ideas to ourselves, however in higher consciousness they are the norm, and that’s what we are moving into.

The more we build through experiencing what we believed was impossible and then experience that seeming impossible into our experiences is what builds on more and more proof for ourselves.  Old memories of what we once believed was impossible become deleted and the new programmed memories are being sustained.  We want to continue building on these new memories so that we are continually building on our divine confidence.  Divine confidence will eventually become our natural conditioning and any new desire will become more and more easy, simple and effortlessly to manifest and experience. 

Self healing is an exuberant way to build divine confidence.  Improved vision, seeing clearly without glasses when in the past you could not.  Growing in new teeth.  Affecting weather.  Reverse aging.    Money flowing in consistently when in the past it was always lack of money.  Traffic lights staying green until you go through them.  Getting the specific parking space when a parking lot is full.  Appreciating everything naturally from your heart.  Experiencing desires manifesting more quickly and effortlessly.  Noticing everyone you encounter is joyful and loving.  There’s so much more we can expand on this list, the important thing is experiencing any or all of these things yourself so that it builds your divine infinite confidence.  No matter how much work and practicing it takes with focused intention, it’s always worth it all.

This video of David Blaine explaining how he was able to hold his breath for over 17 minutes to break the world record is fabulous.  He explains how he challenges himself with the most impossible things to conquer and experience, and at the end his heartfelt emotion of what magic is to him.  He brings divine confidence to such high levels of owning and experiencing what is impossible to possible to experience.  

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