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What Reality Tools are You Using?
September 03, 2012

Did you have another month of great opportunities to do more great work on yourself? We all seem to have so many opportunities to continue doing evolving work. This month’s e-zine is all about continuing that great work because the more we do and experience how it works, the more it becomes more natural too.

Reality Tools

Are you ready to let go of some reality tools that you have been using to create your reality? Did you even realize that you were using certain objects or ideas as tools in creating reality or in meditation? This can be a major breakthrough with a lighter load and going right to the source without reality tools. Reality Tools

Unity Perception

Before our birth into physical we come from wholeness and learn separation in our perception to function on this planet. Until we remember and then work our way back to wholeness. Unified oneness in our perception for the purpose of experiencing the transformation through physical embodiment. Unity Perception

Natural Meditation

Do you meditate daily? If you do then you know what a profound experience it is. Are you ready to expand meditation into everyday life experiences? Natural Meditation

Love Evolution

This life can be the infinite journey, love’s evolution we are on in this life time if we continue to expand our evolving nature in consciousness.

Love Evolution

as you continue to evolve transforming everything to love, you become that love and see it mirrored in your environment, in your life . What greater work is there to do?

Infinitely Anna

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