Unity Perception

Unity perception is experiencing everyone and everything all from one consciousness with different expressions.  When we observe the grass we don’t just see one blade of grass, we see it as lawn, all blades of grass combined as one. Without all the blades of grass a large area would not be lawn.

When we observe the ocean we don’t separate the waves to see the waves different then the ocean, we see the waves as parts of the ocean.  We realize that without the waves there would be no ocean.

When we bake or buy an apple pie we automatically know that the pie is a sum of all its parts.  We know that the pie contains separate parts as the apples, flour, spices that all come together that we then enjoy as a whole from all the ingredients mixed together in the piece we enjoy.

If you haven't come upon the book, "The Impersonal Life" yet, listen intently, you will realize that all your desires are from Infinite Source.

Perceiving Any Negativity as Different
Fragments of the Same Prism

Whenever we experience others that have different beliefs or personalities, or especially if there's anyone that triggers negativity or judgment within ourselves is even more reason to realize that they are also part of the unified whole of consciousness.  Similar to a prisms with many different colors yet are all part of the one prism.

We are similar to the ocean as the waves as parts of the whole. Yet many times we act as if we are not one when we react to others as if they are not a part of the whole when it takes all of us to make up the whole.

Just by perceiving anything or anyone we don’t get along with and perceive them as different fragments of the whole instead of in a negative way actually changes the flavoring of the experience.  So we can be a turbulent wave with separate perception and be a part of a problem. Or a calm wave with unity perception and be a part of the solution.

Unity perception is correcting the filters of perceiving and separations into perceiving as one, unified.  The more we do it, the more we evolve our consciousness in love.  Our brain rewires for the new frequency programming expanding our perception of consciousness into more perception of love.

We are Star Beings

We have all heard the statement that we are all made up of star dust.  In this wonderful video that Gagan Polanki compiled together from popular videos so fabulously explains who and what we are and how we are  from one source, consciousness. 

Unity of Love

If we were to play a game and the goal in the game to win was to transform everything to love along the way through the game then the whole motivation for the experience throughout the game would be more fun.

If we were playing the game just for the fun of it without any prizes or money involved then we wouldn’t take it so seriously.  We just be playing for the joy of playing and having fun. If we could experience life in this way then every experience would be unity perception filtered with love and fun.

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