Natural Meditation

Natural Meditation is extending the infinite source/self into experiencing living every day with everything in a relaxed state of being which we are no longer disturbed of our infinite blissful peace, nothing disturbs it.  Meditation is the practice to be able to just watch and not engage in any thoughts going on, and the longer we just watch, the more meditation brings us to our true being, pure consciousness, one with Infinite Consciousness without the ego mind chattering. 

Its so indescribable with words because words limit experiences, so it must be experienced.  When we go beyond to realize that our infinite consciousness state is the only state of being that has the Universal Force and highest potential infinite possibilities, and create from that infinite consciousness state until it becomes our natural state of being in daily life.

These four books I have read are very informative in regards to meditation and enlightenment.

Meditation is Ignoring all Thoughts

Meditation is a tool we use to quiet the mind long enough to unveil our true self, which is love-bliss, existing in pure existence.   Experiencing ultimate peace, bliss for no reason except for the oneness of the experience. There are no problems or limitations or judgments, just a relaxed infinite bliss that we are one with Infinite Self/Creator/Creation.

Experiencing being one with everything unfolds of unconditional infinite love just takes us over. However long we are in that state, when we are out of it we want more of it.  So we are naturally committed and passionate to meditating and continue the infinite bliss, joy and love through everything in our lives.

Witnessing the Chattering Mind

Until it becomes second nature, an infinite habit to stay in natural meditation, the best way is to just practice being the observer, to witness from your Infinite Self all the mind chatter of what's referred to as ego chattering mind. 

While you are doing anything throughout your day just watch without engaging in the drama of the ego chattering long enough to create a distance, to really see how the chattering can entangle us in all kinds of distractions.

Meditation is the Tool that Unveils
Our True Infinite Self

It may take some practice if you have only meditated at certain times during the day, and the important part is experiencing a meditation state long enough to unveil our oneness with infinite self/source.  Then you know from your own experience how profound meditating is when the mind is quiet and you're just watching as the observer. 

This led me years ago to continue with a passionate desire to extend meditation into all parts of my experiences, and not just reserved for specific times through the day.   I am referring to this state that we can extend into everything as natural meditation, which is which we then refer to as Enlightenment.  We are enlightened when we are one with the Infinite consciousness, that we are Infinite Consciousness,  and everything and everyone is seen and experienced through the same infinite natural way, unconditionally lovingly unified.

Natural meditation is no longer an effort when we are the natural being in every way.  We are the state of blissful love throughout our day with everything and everyone because we are the natural state of being.  We are being love instead of being ego/fear.

Meditation Naturally Leads to Being a Transformer of Love
in the Perpetual Present Moment

My own experiences led me to realize that meditation naturally does lead to being a natural love being and living in the present moment.  As a result of loving that meditative state of being, which is truly our true self, and expanding our true beingness into daily life for all experiences.   It transforms the paradox of negative and positive into a natural passionate compassionate energy of love.  As an intricate part of the infinite journey that also entangles with using reflection work to know our own infinite being, and heal all that was not love in ourselves that we seen in others or in situations.  Divine Confidence of trust also becomes a result as it unfolds more creative leading edge experience in our daily life manifesting more love, joy, fun, adventure and abundance.

So natural meditation and the infinite and oneness journey is the love evolution and we get to that realization part of this journey that many ancient teachings including the Essene's teachings have described.   Natural meditation is living life in that harmonious relaxed nonjudgmental blissful unconditional love state of being that we thrive in as we expand in infinite consciousness as we evolve.

Dr. John Hagelin beautifully and in depth explains the difference between mediation and enlightenment, along with all the amazing benefits that meditation and enlightenment has on our body and life.  Along the way as our DNA changes and the referred to as kundalini infinite cosmic force purifies and restructures our body with our infinite spirit.

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