Love Evolution

We all are part of love evolution in consciousness, and we can never separate ourselves from love's infinite part of all that it IS.  Love is what we all are originally, pure consciousness of existence.  More and more people are becoming aware of these changes going on everywhere in the world.

Technology has profoundly changed the way and the speed at which we can access more information that has changed everything too.   We are part of evolution of love even if many individuals are not aware of it, it is still progressing forward in consciousness.

When we know and discover we are love beings, we will also begin to notice others changing because our reflection is changing to mirror our change.  This is also a part of evolution in consciousness.

Infinite Love Consciousness Does Not Judge

If one is not choosing to evolve infinite consciousness, they are still loved without judgments. Infinite Love Consciousness continues to sprinkle everyone with love dust because love is what we are in our essence.

Infinite Love Consciousness always continues to expand and grow in whatever path we take.  It's what consciousness does, and we are all a part of that consciousness with different faces or energy signatures experiencing reality.

Love's Many Faces

We all know many different faces of love. If love is experienced in lower consciousness then we feel and experience pain, suffering and negativity. When love is experienced in higher consciousness, it is more unified and experienced more prominent in love evolution.

So it’s all part of the same love source with many different faces and experiences that will keep nudging us to transform everything to infinite love. Separation being the illusion of the many faces that we can experience love consciousness, just different flavors of the same whole of different experiences.

This page is probably the shortest page on this website which shows how the simpler and more effortless we become as we grow and expand our consciousness in love evolution.

We then not only experience more effortless living, we also experience effortless manifesting too.  Simple and easier is a part of the benefits in evolving love consciousness because we remember that we are literally love beings.

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