Reality Tools

We must first realize what reality tools are before we can let them go. We associate tools as objects that we use to do work in physical. On our journey of evolving we may have picked up many creational tools that became quite habitual that we continue to use that we may no longer need. It was when I came upon Thomas Campbell’s information about tools that became to make more sense and became easier to detached from ideas and things I thought were necessary.

We must think differently and beyond if we are going to let go of the tools. Consciousness may be the only tool we need because consciousness is the builder, it does most of the work, it’s the attractor, the energizer, the vortex that magnetically puts it all together. And if we are the blueprint then with our free will and focused attention is the only tool we really need to use.

Ask yourself what are the processes you do when you meditate or when you do your focusing of intentions on your desires?

What Reality Tools have You Collected
along the Way?

Do you need candles, lucky charms, breathing, deities or entities? All and anything that you use as a tool is the catalyst that gets you to focus is a tool. Using an analogy of needing a driver in a vehicle when you are first learning to drive. Eventually you no longer want a driver with you when you are driving if you are a licensed driver. Not that there’s anything judgmental about the tools, however it can be allot lighter when we let go of reality tools and just use our mind to focus without them.

Just like at first when you are driving alone may feel uncomfortable until you become comfortable. Then you have a passenger not out of need but for enjoyment. Reality tools can be perceived the same way.

Reality Tools You May Still be Using
that Go Unnoticed as Tools

Making What Others Think Your Business

Some of these reality tools are things or ideas that you may not recognize that you are still carrying around or using for your processing. Like caring what other people think of you when you are on your natural evolving path. We can still care and listen to others with an open mind, however not care about their opinion about us, in other words not taking their judgments personally. We know that everyone has their own perception depending on their own beliefs they have valued so when we don’t make it our business, or take it personally then we are being true to ourselves.

Conditional Love

Conditional loving may be something you may want to also let go and start loving without any conditions. This is where the true quote, “love is never having to say your sorry” or love is never having to hear someone else say sorry to you, you know the big apology thing. So if we let go of conditional love it frees us to love unconditionally just because we know we are all part of the whole. And any work we need to do as mirror reflection to get to the letting go of the reality tools of conditional love especially when it’s part of our passion to evolve to experience more of infinite consciousness or unified love of the whole.

Lack of Trust

Not trusting ourselves or infinite source is trying to control everything with our ego. Instead we can let it go and trust and notice all the synchronicities that will pave our path as we journey along. And knowing the reasons for what we want to begin with if it’s from our ego as greedy or for a loving evolving reason. Whenever it’s from love then it’s also intertwined with trust, we can also let go of trust and replace trust with knowing.

Limited Language

Language could be considered part of the list of reality tools however since language is still a very effective tool it is a tool we continue to use. We can transform our language to be unlimited and be of the highest energy potential to support the new programming. Replacing limited words with high energy words because we know that thoughts and words are energy and can be empowering or destructive, evolving or devolving.

Knowing as the Highest Potential Word

Letting go of more reality tools as the idea of BELIEF and replacing it with KNOWING.

Replacing TRUST with KNOWING

Knowing being from having our own experiences

Knowing from connecting and getting information from our intuitive higher sources in consciousness

Knowing can replace every limited idea, thought or word by creating energy from a collection when we have had enough of our own experiences that becomes that we JUST KNOW it.


Beliefs believe it or not are also tools we use in our bag of reality tools. This one has taken me awhile to let go of because just as most of us have been conditioned to believe we need beliefs.

Beliefs are also a Reality Tool We Have
Added to Our Collection

If you already experienced as I have how flexible beliefs are when we change them to have a different affect then an original belief we’ve had previously, then the experience shows us our own proof. We know that beliefs are just thoughts we have thought and put value to them to experience it as a truth. When we change a belief our truth then changes to support the new belief.

So what if we let go of the belief tool in our collection of reality tools and instead just work from information of data. The more we do this, the more we no longer would create reality from beliefs. We’d start creating from knowing instead, we’d know there is the data of information we want and we just work the process from the end desire and hold our thoughts on that instead of using the process of beliefs.

One Belief with Two Experiences

Using the example of lactose intolerant is the example I used from my experience of changing a belief on my belief page, now I am going to go one step further. One belief with two experiences by that I mean before I ever heard about lactose intolerant I could eat and drink any dairy product for decades. Then I became lactose intolerant and could no longer eat or drink dairy products. When I experimented to change my belief to the previous one decades before I then became able to eat and drink dairy products again. What really changed?

So all I was really doing was using beliefs as a tool. Now I am choosing to let beliefs go and just go right to the source of information. That means letting go of the beliefs as a tool and going it without the training wheels we can compare beliefs or reality tools to be.

So simple what we do when we want to just go to the source data of information, we have our desire, ability to eat and drink dairy products without any side effects. Well that is the programming data, no beliefs, just pick up the data and intend it, trust it and live it in our experiences.

It reminds me of saying grace or a prayer of thanks before eating any meal or food which in the past was a sacred ritual for some traditions. The new way is before eating or drinking not only giving thanks of appreciation, we can bless our food and drink for it to be the programming we want it to be. To be the way we want our body to respond no matter what it is, now that’s infinite grace of the highest evolving experiences.

Going Right to the Source Data with Everything
Knowing Replaced with Beliefs

When we eliminate most reality tools and go right to the Data Source to get the information we need or want, then everything becomes much simpler and easier and we become lighter too. All we are doing is letting go of beliefs and other reality tools we no longer need and going right to the source and thinking and feeling from that information. Perceiving it like a download of information into our brain and body to then have the experiences of.

If it’s a belief in stress, then we do the same thing. Go to the source that has the data that supports that information, absorb in it with our intention and focus, think and feel it in our body as any stress now transforms to opportunity to lighten. Transform stress to bliss.

What about the belief it takes time to learn? Just another belief, again go right to the source, get the data, process with our thoughts and feelings so our body becomes the program that we are then running on. Wala!

Will it Take Practice and Time
before Experiencing the Results?

Well this will depend on whether you are still using beliefs to process the information or if you are going right to the source and let go of the reality tools of beliefs. How much intention, thought and feeling focused for it to become a downloaded memory for your retrieval from now on. Unless you decide to change it as we always have free will to do so too.

The less reality tools we use the lighter we become. When it becomes habitual for us to do our focusing of our intentions without all the reality tools, we can then do it anywhere and anytime we desire to. We feel lighter and freer.

Though this is an older webpage, I came across a recent video below that really gets to the point of dropping all beliefs I added to this page.

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