How to Make Every Day Exciting

How do we Keep Excited when we have not Manifested what we Wanted yet?

This is my first newsletter or e-zine and I am so glad that you are a part of it and in allowing me to share more as we share together through our thoughts to make our lives the way we want them to be through Self Awareness.

To keep your days exciting you may have to practice it long enough until it becomes a habit. When it does it will become automatic and a new potentially great habit. How do I know? Because it is what I have been doing for a long time now and it does work.

I now get excited about having my coffee and so many of the simpler things that I have chosen to do the opposite of anything if its out of bliss or excitement. I know you’re probably asking how do we get ourself excited about doing the mundane chores?

The answer is easily when we choose to change the thoughts of the past to new thoughts to redefine the old ways. Instead of thinking about you have to do it, instead think about how it will feel after it is done. You will either drudgingly fight against what you have to do or spice the thoughts up with some excitement instead.

Just try it for 30 days to experience the difference everything becomes. Also remember to actually do more of the things that naturally excite you to implement your days with exciting things.

If you enjoy having a piece of cake after supper but your usual thoughts are about “how you shouldn’t because it will do this to you and that” and then you do it anyway. Guess what you have done, you have had the cake anyway but attached guilt thoughts to create guilt feelings. Instead of remembering that its not what you eat that matters, it is what you think about what you put in your mouth and body that actually does matter.

So if cake excites you then go for it but change the thoughts before you eat it. You could refer it to a blessing, bless whatever you like to have with potenial thoughts to go with it that will be of the outcome you desire to have. Example, "My body will quickly turn this cake into nutrition."

If you are familiar with Bruce Lipton then you already know that this is all truth since he has actually seen the proof for himself through his experiments and cells. He lets the cells multiply and then separates them into different petri dishes. Then he exposed the same cells to different environmental changes through chemical proteins that would be as fear, love and so on. And even though they are all from the same identical cell multiplied the environmental does affect the cell. But that doesn’t mean that if our environment is very negative we should leave it without allowing the opportunity to change our habitual thoughts to potentially good ones first. What is important is realizing that it is the way we react to think about everything that affects our body cells.

So the more we create excited thoughts the more we will enjoy, love and be excited about our daily things or experiences, instead of randomly or the old way of it being just once in awhile. When it could be everyday in every single way.

By keeping that excitement going it is also adding to creating the things we want quicker.

In science adding energy and exciting an atom it makes its electrons move further out. The higher the energy, the further out the electrons go, which is the same way with emotions.

We know that e-motion, is thought in motion creates e-motion that creates feelings. There is actually a difference between emotions and feelings. Emotion is scattered throughout our body and when it gathers a certain intensity it become funneled into feelings. Interesting and the credit for that info goes to Gregg Braden, that is who I learned it from.

So all we have to do is think exciting thoughts about mundane things then eventually the habit becomes simpler and automatic to do. Then what do we have? Lots of excitement over so many things, situations, experiences and so on.

Plus we are creating more excitement towards the things we want too. Seeing first in our mind, visualization, focusing whatever you label it as already the way you want it to be and then let it go so you can be in the receivership for receiving it.

So excitement can go along way and it is using your powerful present moment(um) in the most powerful way too. It really is a win win energy!

And when should you alter your excitement or for who?

No one! You should come first, love yourself first then everything you respond to will be a higher vibration too. That self love will flow outwards to everyone and everything, another win win energy. Ask your higher self first and the answer will come, ask your ego personality and it will confuse you, detour you from excitement, you know how the ego likes to influence things. Eventually the ego will merge and it will be another heavenly blissful experience all done through the love energy.

I hope this helped as a reminder that we are all worth it, we all do make a difference, we all have the power and it’s dependent on how we choose to use it, for our lives to be how we want it to be.

Thanks for sharing some time with me in this e-zine and I look forward to our next meeting this way, next month. I do value your time. And here’s to us, following our bliss in the powerful present moment, all the time. Anna

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