It Really is All up to You

Another month has flown by and again I thank you and appreciate our bit of time together again. How has your month been, knowing you are an aware conscious creator creating your reality? Have you been keeping yourself aware throughout the day so that your thoughts are creating more of what you do want? Or do they keep falling back into old automatic programs of memories that so easily can be creating what you don’t want?

It's so important to keep yourself aware of how you are choosing your thoughts and responding to everything and everyone. And especially how the present moment always holds the most power to keep your attention on yourself that will always be the reality that is being created and experienced.

Some Update to My Website

<> if it’s been awhile since you have been to my website you will notice some new links from my home page. One is Infinite Possibilities and on that page you can view the short trailer from “What If the Move” which is a great dvd that shows how anything is possible when we believe it is.

Another page I added is a list of some great dvds to inspiring you if you are interested.
There is also a question page too if there is any questions that you want to ask about anything on my website.

But the most exciting page for me is the Hooponopono Page. If you have already come upon Hooponopono and Dr. Len’s amazing results with it then you already know how great it works, especially if you are using the process now. If you have not there is a link to great interviews with Dr. Len on News for the Soul which is free to listen to and the Hawaiian Event dvd with Dr. Len and Joe Vitale you can purchase if you’re interested.

What is really exciting for me that I would like to share with you <> about Hooponopono and since you also have been working on yourself is I found Hooponopono to be the simplest and easiest way to use the present moment and expand it to everything. The more data we clean up the more blissful our days do become and anything that you find you are really stuck in, this can move you through it.

In Joe Vitale’s new book, “The Awakening Course” he talks about 4 stages we go through as aware awakening creators and it helped me realize that I was stuck in stage 3 with some beliefs. I was amazed because I thought I knew all about the letting go and surrendering part of manifesting especially from twisting spoons, breaking arrows with my throat, walking on hot coals and all of those experiences. It’s all in the letting go to be able to experience the end results.

Have you noticed that some desires that you may be still working on for a long time have not manifested yet? Usually these are the one's we can become stuck in.

It's these stuck area’s that hooponopono can really clean it up and move you to the next stage. The stage where you break through and struggling challenges literally become effortless.

I’d love to hear from you of any experiences you have had or have from hooponopono or any other amazing experiences you have had you can share throughout the website.

Loving Yourself

One last thing I’d like to mention, since February is considered by the collective consciousness to be the celebration of Valentine’s Day, though I choose as you may already have also… that genuine pure love starts with our own self so the unconditional love can flow to everyone and everything.

So may you truly love and accept yourself and remind yourself every day in every way how great, powerful and deserving you really are and that it flows into everything you are creating.
Infinite Love Always…

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