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Are Your Big Desires Higher in Probability or Low?
August 02, 2012

Are you ready to expand your beliefs a bit more to see if you resonate with a newer theory of everything regarding the nature of reality? Or if you have already pondered or resonated with the concept that you will read about on the Data Field page, then do submit your experiences or insights about it.

Uncertainty and Probable Outcomes Collapsed into Reality

Being and Staying Committed to the Change You Want

Have you ever wondered how we or others are able to do many paranormal things? As remote viewing, premonition, OOB, other dimensions, teleporting, switching realities and so on?

Have you ever wondered when you left something like your keys at a certain location but your keys were not there? Then you find them at a different location?

Well it may just be that it really has to do with the physics of the uncertainty principle and probabilities. Tom Campbell and Anthony Peak share their wisdom and theories about it all in an interview, you can check it out on this page. Data Field

Infinite Process

Are you still getting in your own way of slowing down your evolution and desired manifestations? By processing what no longer serves you opens yourself to experiencing your preferred life. Seeing your life from an infinite point of view prevents you from getting stuck in any area. Infinite Process

The New Evolved You Now

The New You Now is doing all the work needed all of the time so that the old you is no longer even a program that is running. Knowing and seeing the new you consistently so it imprints in your mind and perfecting the desired blueprint. This will create living the new you instead of continually living as the old you with all the past baggage or I should say past data. The New Evolved You

Changes to the Montly Ezine

After September's ezine, you will only be receiving these ezine's four times throughout the year. December, March, June and September, unless there is something really amazing and new then I will send the ezine in an in between month.

I desire to spend more time on my paranormal practices and less time writing, so by lessening the subscription time will allow me to do this. I appreciate your on going subscription to my ezine. And I do look forward to continuing to send you intriguing information as I come across it. And also any new experiences I have that are interesting.

What's New Blog

Just another reminder to check on the What's New Blog page for new information and new submissions. What's New Blog

every door we open expands our perception a bit further so we can experience even more fascination and excitement in our lives. Never give up on what you want because it may be the next step of your processing with still yet the greatest learning lesson of your evolution. Perpetually choosing love instead of fear sprinkles that magical transformation dust to shine on your path.

Infinitely Anna

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