Infinite Process

Infinite Process is what I refer to as being in the clean state of being.

Cleaning up all left over past residue of buried old emotions and beliefs that are still limiting our lives.

How do you know if you need to do this processing?

If anything in your life is still not the way you want it to be.

Most of us have been on this spiritual enlightening journey for a long time and to finally get through the process we must give it all we have to give. Or better stated, let go of all we no longer need.

No more waiting and procrastinating on what we can do every single day to make shift happen.

Why wait any longer?

When we know it’s only the past guck or data that’s holding us back from experiencing the best that we can be, do or have.

Getting Stuck in the Infinite Process

The only way that we can become stuck in the infinite process is if we don’t know that there is an actual process or if we know we are going through a process yet we don’t do anything about it.

Instead we are continuing to live our lives the same way we did before yet want a different outcome.

We all know the analogy of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar that has the natural blueprint within them to transform.

The caterpillar struggles and pushes until it transforms out of its limited cocoon.

Into a butterfly that is then so free to experience what it couldn’t experience when it was stuck and limited to the ground.

Membrane Experiment Applied with Strong
Energy Force

We’ve heard many analogies and scenarios of transformations of change. The last one I heard was on coast to coast when Nassim Haramein explained about an experiment in a lab.

They took a membrane and applied high vibration to it.

As they strengthened the force to the membrane it started to fall apart.

Until it fell apart completely which we refer to as chaos. In our lives we refer to it as problems, challenges that push us to change from our old ways into metamorphosis into the new ways as the infinite process will do.

Through the infinite process we are similar to that caterpillar or membrane.

I know you already know this just as I do too, however if we are still living any experiences as challenges or struggles then we really need to regurgitate it.

Repetition for a beneficial reason because we haven’t accumulated enough of the data we need to shift once and for all.

We are pushed to limits with our challenges and struggles until we process them to finalize and become the new transformed being with new unlimited beliefs and wisdom.

However, the most challenging part is the falling apart stage and this is where many of us become so stuck and we never finish the process to totally transform.

This staying stuck can last not only decades but lifetimes and we must keep going no matter how tough it is.

Imagine a caterpillar staying stuck?

Losing out on its transformation into a butterfly.

Just like our biggest desires not every manifesting because we gave up in the processing stage?

The one major difference which is through that struggle process is where the actual change must be made for the process to work. To be finalized for the transformational change you prefer to become.

Loving and Embracing Every Part of You
through Your Infinite Process

We know this is the most important part of everything is to love and embrace every single part of ourselves.

Negative or positive, it is always for our own growth. So judging it will never be the answer to finishing the infinite process of whatever not preferred part we are in.

This only keeps us stuck.

So no matter what we are ever going through the answer for the transformation and working through the infinite process will be to truly and totally love ourselves.

The Movie of You

Knowing that you are stuck and knowing that it’s only the past that is keeping your stuck.

Think of it as a really good movie you are watching. You have the beginning of the movie, the middle of it and the end.

If you close yourself off from other dimensions and realities, you are like missing the beginning of your movie by tuning into the birthing into physical and missing before it.

If you watch your movie up to the middle of it and then turned it off to not watch it any further is exactly like being stuck in the middle of the infinite process.

You have ideas and possibilities of how the movie will unfold and end, however if you don’t continue to watch the movie you will never experience the real end of it.

Just as we may stay stuck in the process before our desires are manifested.

So we are literally stuck in the metamorphosis stage, being in the middle of the movie, the middle of the chaos of struggling problems.

Living the middle of the movie over and over again wondering why nothing changes?

When all we have to do is finish watching the movie.

In life all we have to do is the work to work through the process from an infinite point of view.

Working through the Infinite Process

Processing all your limited beliefs and stored emotional memories of the past, the past that no longer serves you in any way since you have already started the change.

Anywhere in your body that you feel pain or discomfort is an emotional buried memory that is continually surfacing to process once and for all so it can dissolve.

All those low vibration emotions and beliefs that continuously drain by de-energizing and disempowering your energy literally.

By noticing it now you are actually allowing the chaos to surface to dissolve.

Anyone or anything that triggers your reaction to the old way of feeling and dealing with anything and everything is where you will become stuck.

Any problem or situation can be worked on with the infinite process.

Feel the pain, feel the hurt, feel the disappointment, feel whatever it is that surfaces and deal with it right now, cry, yell, punch a pillow about it, just get it all out of your system.

It will build up into chaos of not feeling good, but then the release of the working through the process will release all the built up energy that has been stored.

Let it all go, you don’t need to hold onto to it any longer, release and let go.

Feel the release, feel the lightness in your heart, and in the area that was heavy previously.

Think of any scenario or experience that would normally trigger you in the past, test the new infinite process out and see if it still triggers the old emotional belief.

If it does keep working on the process until you just know that trigger is gone, it no longer has that hold on any attachments as it did before.

Realize that you cleaned up a big clump of stored old emotions that has been haunting you for so long.

Guilt, control, revenge, hate, anger, sadness, doubts, whatever it was, know it’s now gone.

The Infinite Process from an Infinite Point
of View

Using the analogy of the infinite process as a movie of you and your life and now seeing it from an infinite point of view.

You are watching the movie from the beginning, through the middle and to the end, and then there’s part 2 in the works and so on.

You are no longer just looking at it from a certain part of frame of the movie instead you are looking at it with an expanded infinite viewing.

Except you can change any part of it you want at any time, being the most important part is knowing that it’s all up to you.

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