The New You Now

The New You now is like an overview of everything you have learned on your infinite journey so far. Just as if you are living it already in every way every single day and in every experience.

Using all the knowledge that you have already transformed into your own wisdom and continuing the journey into more unlimited future.

If you have already mastered all the wisdom then this is just a review for you and you already know the ultimate benefit for reviews like this.

However, if you have not yet and are still living your life experiences in limitation in any area (and I do admit that I am still working on some areas too), then this is a great guide to starting right now to create the life that you prefer, now and every day forever.

Are you ready?

I sure am!

Being a Consistent Love/Bliss Transformer
Takes Care of Everything

Let’s Shift Once and For All

All it will take is having these types of guidelines as reminders that everything you have learned so far must be consistently lived every day.

Not with just some things but with every situation and experience and not leaving anything out.

Then this will be the greatest part of your journey when you become naturally the new you now as a bliss/love transformer.

It’s really all about being a bliss/love transformer through every single experience, no matter if it’s positive or negative, no more in between or back and forth. The only way to make the big shift now is to be and do from all that you have already learned.

We already know all the empowering benefits by transforming everything to blissful love, like sustained healthy body, anti-aging, empowered in psychic and paranormal abilities and so on. We know that transforming everything to blissful love is the infinite self’s way and is the resonance with our heart and also keeping all of our energy centers in ultimate harmony. Also activates the genius gene, the immortality gene, the galactic gene with even more amazing benefits.

We also know that any old way of reacting is only emotions we were in our past addicted to and the present powerful moment of perpetual now can process and release all of the old past reactions. Transforming everything to blissful love when done consistently actually takes care of all that needs to be processes and let go of because the new you now takes care of it all.

Reacting to Your Future Preference Now

Listen to Joe Dispenza explain it in depth.

So when we react as we have in the past our present and future will be the same until we respond by being the being and to have the experience we prefer.

Then we will be choosing from the consciousness we prefer that will become just because we are selecting now from different consciousness.The New instead of the Old.

The Choice is Up To You, Commitment to the
Old You or the New You Now

It’s either the new you or the old you, the choice is totally up to yourself.

Saying goodbye to the old ego addictions to all the pain, suffering and struggling just by staying committed to the new you now with everything.

Isn’t that what this journey was all about?

Why keep procrastinating when you can be the new you now, the evolved you.

The New You Guidelines of Being

You respond only the way you prefer your experiences to be

You create all your experiences depending on how you think to feel

You are a blissful love transformer of everything

Everyone and everything is your reflection

Your infinite self and ego has merged

Psychic and paranormal has now become normal experiences and the way you live your life

You are unified perception consciousness

You only do what is fun, exciting and you love doing, you totally trust the new you now path

You are sovereign, everything comes easy and effortlessly

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