Data Field of All Consciousness

The Data Field of all Consciousness holds all the information that exists, all dimensions, all realities, all parts of the whole.

We are always sifting through this data of information constantly, however it may be more often without awareness. If we are unconsciously sifting through the data field of consciousness depending on our past experiences then we will continue to experience more of the past in the present and future. When we want new experiences we must create the blueprint and keep our focus on it until it becomes like a running program of data that we perpetually entertain for our life.

Uncertainty and Certainty,
High or Low Probabilities Create Reality

The Paranormal can then Become Perceived
as Normal from the Data Field

Tom Campbell’s explanation and theory of reality as being all probabilities from digital information, as a virtual reality trainer really resonated with me.

Depending on our certainty or uncertainty that creates the probabilities to be high or low is what actually creates the reality we experience. So we get what we expect.  It’s a new perspective merging quantum and science with spirituality.  Becoming entangled through the observer effect, realizing that whatever we are creating is either uncertain or certain probabilities to be high or low, which collapses the wave of data into the actual physical reality we experience.  To change the uncertainty to be certain raises the probability to be higher and of course the higher the probability is the less uncertainty, then walla the reality we experience.

A great example Tom and Anthony uses is putting our keys in one location and later finding our keys in another location. This helped me understand how teleporting and instant manifestation along with other paranormal experiences would then be possible. Because if we do this with keys, socks and all objects then it explains everything.

Albert Einstein pondered, when he looked away from the moon was it still there?  Tom uses another example of our computer monitor to describe his theory.

Interview with Tom Campbell and Anthony Peake on Red Ice Creation discusses their theories and wisdom of reality.

Time Variables of Perception

Anthony Peake mentions about the God scene in the movie Groundhog Day which I also found to be so insightful and so profound. As I am sure you have also when you first watched the movie.

So I add it to this page for anyone who wanted to watch it again. Reminds me now of a mini subset of what Tom is describing.

I recall when I worked night shifts that I’d become so tired and I would sometimes doze off even when someone was talking to me.  I’d awake from a dream that seemed to go on for a long time. I’d be told from whomever I was with, that I dozed off for just a few seconds.  Of course that always stimulated my curiosity to learn more about time.  Have you ever experience the same thing while awake?

Anthony talks about a girl who also experienced it too.  However, not like we experience doing something for example five hours that seem to go by like five minutes kind of thing but even more intense.

Anthony Peak on Red Ice Creation radio Part 1

How Data Field Makes Sense of
Switching Realities

We already know about the super cameras and a million frames per second and Bashar’s teaching of switching realities a billion times a second.

With Tom Campbell’s theory switching realities becomes to make more sense when we put all the data field of consciousness of information as ONE.  For me it’s like more of the pieces fitting together like a puzzle for the perception to come together.

In the interview with Tom and Anthony discuss it in regards to the Shaman being able to see the ships in the horizon. Though we heard it before, Tom explains it with an newer perspective. The people of the village didn’t see the ships until they were able to process information from a directive from the Shaman’s explanation.

As Tom says it’s about pattern matching. This makes sense with switching realities because at first this knowledge will seem so far from acceptable. We don’t have enough pattern matching of information from the data field to comprehend or assimilate the understanding of the experience or how it would be happening.

The more we learn and research the idea and tap into more information from the data field of consciousness and then experiment with the idea ourselves is when the pattern matching puts the pieces of information together from the data field.

Bit by bit we add more pieces of data to formulate enough of a pattern to understand it to then experience it as switching realities.  Realizing that we are not going or traveling anywhere literally, we are actually shifting like frames of data of information that we process as beliefs from the data field of all consciousness.

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