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Are You a Love Transformer?
December 02, 2014

Sparkling Magical Season

Wow, it’s so amazing how fast it’s now December and the Christmas season is upon us, however for myself I always have Christmas decorations around all year.

I actually refer to Christmas as the Sparkling Magical Season because I just love the word magic, not for the definition by social consciousness but for the definition that magical is what we are when we know who we really are. I also love that the holiday season magnifies in others more love, giving, compassion and all that good stuff in a month.

Since it's the end of the year I wanted to review the most important and essential tips in this newsletter and share with you a few powerful and important reminders in case you need to revamp your empowerment with daily integration of consciously creating. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in social consciousness if we are not doing something every day that reminds us how powerful we really are.

Owning Your Power by Being a Love Transformer

Owning and experiencing more and more of our power as we evolve in expanding our consciousness takes getting comfortable with it. The biggest part is releasing and transforming fear because fear can detour and keep us stuck longer than we need to be. The best way I have found to integrate and ease into our empowerment is to be a love transformer through everything. Click this link to read more about being a love transformer

Infinite Practicing

How much have you integrated practicing throughout your day of being a Conscious Creator of your reality and experiences? As we continue to expand our consciousness and using more and more of our power by integrating different practices throughout your day can not only be essential to your infinite growth, but is opening up the divine DNA of our sovereignty too. To read more on different daily Infinite Practices I have been using for consciously creating click on this link.

Future Responding

The best way to create and sustain the state of being you prefer in all areas for yourself is to stop working on yourself as a process and instead rewrite by using future responding with yourself, others and with everything. Click this link to read more on future responding.

Bit by bit we continue to break through the most challenging energies of the past as we go into more unknown to become sovereign and divine. We can let this magical sparkling season be the best one yet as we glow more of our own light to shine and gleam along the way, Infinitely Anna

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