Future Responding

Future Responding changes the past with a different history timeline that’s in alignment with your desired future.  With infinite realities and potentials always being available to us, all it takes is the way we respond to absolutely everything we experience as if we are rewriting our timeline reality as we go.  Because that’s what we are literally doing every moment whether we are aware of it or not. 

That means responding as if we are already living the future we desire to be living, and for us, that is our continuous evolving expanding consciousness of love in all ways and expanding on our infinite abilities too.

This is also the most loving, empowering and quickest way to be creating the reality we desire to experience. 

We are Always Reacting and Responding

Future Responding will take peak awareness consistently to take notice how you are reacting to everything.  What you eat, drink, do daily and all your interactions with yourself and others in situations and experiences. 

This goes in line or synchronized with being a Love Transformer and also keeping in mind that every response is a rewrite for yourself that realigns you into the state of being of your preference that shifts reality.

Two Choices
Past Reacting or Future Responding

We really only have two major choices to decide upon, either to choose reacting in past ways or responding future responding ways.  This makes it quite simple.  If we react from the past we are recreating more of the past to experience and when we respond from the future we are rewriting the past and adding to our newest energy in our present that will become our future.

When we continuously do this through our awareness by using future responding instead of reacting like in the past we will also be sustaining the momentum of our future preferred state of being and our body will respond.  As will the vibrational energies that align us more with our future desired preferences.  

Future Responding with Everything

Whenever you feel anything in your body that’s out of balance that creates pain or discomfort or even all illnesses that you are healing.  How do you react?  Do you think of the worst scenario first?  That’s from the past.  Even if you do react from the past the most important part is that you are now aware that you are doing it and can stop, rewrite your reaction to a future responses of what would you rather have it be?

If your cash flow is low, how do you react?  From past fears or conditioned beliefs, if you do then just stop in that moment, remind yourself that reacting from the past again is only going to create more or it and also bring down your mood too which also affects your body health. 

When you use future responding instead, it’s a win win, love love experience.  Because It will take you into a completely different state of being of energy vibration which will simultaneously being doing the rewrite too, and aligning you with the future you desire, while it lifts your mood and emotions while also building your own empowering trust.

Using Future Responding with Others

Since our infinite spirit, body, everything about us has the highest and best potential with the love feelings energizing, future responses is really taking care of everything for us when we respond that way. 

So the more we respond as if we are already living our future, the more we heal, the more we create abundance, the more we are aligned with our true whole self and the potential benefits are continuously expanding. 

Throughout the process of future responses we are also seeing the most divine love in ourselves and in others.  Future responses eliminates judgments, negativity, disharmony and doubts while creating and sustaining the new state of being we’ve always envisioned ourselves to become and experience.

Staying Aware
of any Past that Tries to Creep In

I have found that the more that I respond as I already desire to be, the more the past does try to creep its way in and it can sometimes be stubborn.  However, the more you do it, the more you will also notice that even those old stubborn past reactions fade away faster as you constantly keep catching and rewriting with responding as if it already is.

If the pondering surfaces about being present, and will responding futurely get in the way of enjoying and appreciating your present?  No way.  You are actually taking more advantage of the powerful present as you continue to appreciate and be a love transformer, it all goes hand in hand.  It actually adds to the powerful present by keeping you in the best state of being you can be while aligning you with your future reality to experience.

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