Being in the Christmas Spirit

You are Either an Uplifting Package of Love or a Unaware Package not Open

When we use Christmas as the High Spirit to be in, think of yourself as a package because literally you are a physical body packed with infinite spirit. It is your choice to allow yourself to be open, in communication with the infinite spirit. Every single time you interact with another individual, you are either uplifting them or draining them while simultaneously affecting yourself too. Presents wrapped under the tree remind me of ourselves wrapped up in our ego personalities until we unwrap our divine infinite self to know our true genius, genie within us, and Christmas Spirit will ignite activation of our Infinite potential. It is through our self awareness that we are similar to opening our wrapped package to evolving and knowing more about ourselves, who we really are and all that we really can do with our infinite abilities.

What are Your Beliefs about the
Holiday Season?

Does the holiday season energize you or drain you? If thoughts about it trigger stress, lack, worry, then you are using Christmas in the most negative draining way and it will create more to be drained about like emotional vampires can drain positive energy. If this is what you experience at the mention of the holidays then it would be to your highest advantage to start transforming this energy to a higher vibration. Any negative beliefs about the holidays have only been reinforced as a habit from old memories, and when those beliefs are recreated with joy, love and hope it will create an amazing difference throughout the holiday season. Remember that high vibrations also keep you in what Abraham calls the Vortex where all your desires are awaiting to be manifested. Being in high vibes of bliss is what activates the manifestations quicker too.

Using the Holidays to Its Full Potential Christmas-Songs

Listening to holiday songs by putting yourself in the mix, in other words, taking it personally. Who is the babe in the manger? You! We all are. Who is the king born? You are, all of us are infinite spirit entities born into physical. If Christ is a role model and brothern, then it would only make sense to perceive ourselves with the same divine infinite self, spirit too with infinite abilities and learn how to use them.

Listen to this song and while listening perceive through your observing the lyrics as pertained to yourself. And feel the difference in empowerment so the real message of enlightenment can be connected and felt.

Now do you feel difference? You are activating, opeining the connection of infinite love and empowerment to yourself by doing this? And when you do it with every song you actually look forward to another song and another song to do this with. Remember that loving yourself is the most divine infinite vibration that flows outwards to everyone and everything through our perception.

Christmas Trees and Colorful Lights

Christmas-trees remind me of our infinite spirit compared to tree's that loose their leaves through the season. A Christmas tree is always in bloom all year round and this reminds me of our infinite spirit that is always available to us when we become aware.

The colorful lights on trees and decorated on homes remind me of our charkas, energy centers balanced and energized in harmonizing our over 75 trillion body cells.

Red lights remind me of action and desired already manifested, blue reminds me of the relaxed powerful state of being nonjudgmental and the benefits, green reminds me of our heart charka, and when we are love how we expand our hearts vibe to everything.   Yellow lights remind me of the sun and also of how we can perceive everything in the most awakened evolved ways, shining love on everything we observe and experience. The colorful lights of pink and purple remind me how I can neutralize everything, taking any negative and transform it into a heartfelt high vibration.

This really does give observing and enjoying a lit up tree in a powerful evolved way, so much exuberant fun.

Enjoy this TLC video story below Titled: The Secret Santa

To Energizing any Day into the
Christmas Vibe

I found this so much fun and inspiring to start any day with this energy through this video from the movie Christmas Chronicles.

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