Being a Love Transformer

We must make it our first priority to being a Love Transformer through every single interaction with others, including ourselves first, and every single experience, then the  love energy will take care of everything else.

This really does make it simple and easy when we create transforming every single response to love because we no longer have to analyze or judge or be confused about anything.  We are creating our new personality of being a transformer of love no matter what the situation is, no matter who the other being is that we’re interacting with, none of that matters.  The only thing that literally matters is keeping the focus mainly on ourselves when we are with others and how we are interpreting our perception and responses consistently.

Love Is Always the Greatest Energy

For most of us on this infinite path of expanding our consciousness we’ve already experienced the differences in polarity of reacting in past ways of negativity and responding with love to know how profoundly different and beneficial it is for ourselves and others.

So already knowing that Unconditional Love is the Greatest Energy, the most divine with no conditions what so ever.  When we focus in any moment to create a momentum of energy flow to bring ourselves in a heartfelt loving state in our being, we can feel the difference immediately.  And just by knowing from these experiences is enough proof for ourselves that being a Love Transformer with everything is the answer for everything we would ever ponder.  It eliminates judgment and doubt and aligns us with the trust energy of knowing.  It’s the way to respond to everything in every situation or experience.

If you are not a love transformer already, it may take future responding and practicing every day to create the love habit to become natural to override the old way of reacting as in the past with judgments, fear or any other negative reactions.

Different Daily Practices
Being a Love Transformer

As we continue to integrate different practices into our daily life at every turn it becomes more habitual and we become so comfortable with transforming everything to love.  Before you even realize it, it’s what you actually become without having to remind yourself once you’re wired to be a love transformer.  Though many of these areas may seem mundane, they are really essential in mastering to create the best state of being.


Every time you notice any judgment or fear reaction with yourself, and you really need to stay in peak awareness to consistently do this, you immediately stop and say delete or release, and then respond lovingly to yourself.  It can be something as simple as a negative self talk (thoughts and emotions) when you do something and react to it.  No matter what it is, just change it to a love response.  As you keep doing this consistently you will notice many enlightening experiences.


It doesn’t matter who the other person is or what they did or say, and especially if it’s really negative and pushes your past triggers.  This is the greatest and most profound opportunity to stop and release the old habitual reaction to responding by being a love transformer in the situation.


Every experience that you are taking notice of and no matter what the situation but especially if it’s something negative is always the greatest opportunity to be a love transformer.


Helpful Tips

Ascended Masters

Any other we come into contact with could be an ascended being testing us?  Especially on this infinite path because many times we subconsciously give that unconscious permission, mostly without even realizing that we do.

Ascended Masters are so highly advanced and can show up anywhere and anytime we need the help and guidance or reminders.

Doing onto Others as You’d Have Being Done to You

Sounds so simplistic and mundane, however do you really do this with everyone?  Doing onto others what we’d rather have done to us instead of payback of a revengeful way.

Being Compassionately Empathetic Yet Lovingly Detached

This is the easiest way to interact with everyone, being compassionate.  When we are compassionate with everyone in any interactions or situation is softens the energy and allows us to see past others altered ego personality into their divine spirit.  It not only results in the highest best potential resolve, it also expands and sustains the highest love energy for ourselves that keeps our spirit, soul and body in harmony.

When we add that by being loving yet detached is the biggest bonus because we are not attached to any drama that can detour our energy.  Instead we still lovingly allow the others their own path and release ourselves of being pulled into the social conscious drama of the past.  So we continue to just be a love light beam.

Being a Love Transformer Is Owning Your Power

As we transform everything to love, we are also owning our own power and sovereignty more and more with every loving response and interaction with ourselves and others. 

Since love is the highest and most powerful vibrational frequency to be radiating, just by being a transformer of love in every way with everything has embedded within that energy wave the greatest flow.  It really does take care of everything while simultaneously we continue to empower ourselves and are also owning more of our own power.

As you will notice more and more amazing experiences that so easily and effortlessly begin to transform to your desires manifested too. 

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