Infinite Practicing

Have you integrated several ways of infinite practicing into your day to day life as it creates infinite processes?  The more we integrate our practices and create creative inspirational fun games and ways to add to our day makes all the difference for us as conscious creators. 

Especially if we are still functioning through beliefs of processing and practicing through repetition until it becomes a natural way to live. 

Though we can eventually eliminate these types of processes, however if we still have the belief in process, as most of us do, we’re better off to continue to practice until we no longer need to go through repetition to processing until it becomes natural. 

Keeping in mind that many times there is a bigger reason that we may not realize but need to go through some processes so it can become our newest comfort zone, and will also be for our own highest good too.

Variety of Infinite Practices

I am quite sure that we’ve all started out by intending and creating parking spots and had success with that.  Jackie Gleason would intend traffic lights to turn green when he approached them and had great success.

It’s really great because we also observe how easy manifesting desires big or small can be when we experience no more chance.  When we do it long enough to have long stretches of success, we know we are creating it.  We also gain lots of practice on intending, energizing and letting go to experience the successful results.


Creating Vehicles to Turn

I’ve been doing this infinite practice for quite a few months and found since I do a lot of driving that it makes the drive so much more fun and empowering, while it’s also great feedback too.

When there’s a vehicle in front of me that is going slower than I prefer, instead of passing them, I focus and see them turning.  I even allow my intuition to come through to see if it’s right or left that they would turn. 

At first my experiences were hits and misses, but as I continued to do this every single time I was driving and through repetition began to experience more hits than misses, it became to the point of having all hits.  Sometimes I’d intend the person to turn left when we get to the stop sign, and they wouldn’t turn however 3 houses up they’d turn left into a driveway.  Love these little successful surprises too.


Weather Changing

I know for many this is still too out there, however for me it’s been a continuous few year infinite practice that still excites me.  Again because when I see more successes of being right on there’s just no chance in the equations of creating by intentions or shifting realities to our preferences. 

We had a major snow storm with strong winds and I imagined and put the intention out for milder weather and one day later there was milder weather that actually melted all the snow, and we had over 4 foot drifts.  The mild weather has continued through the week, weekend and now going to continue through next week too, with rain.



Just as many of you have shared on the website of all the DNA changes you are going through and I am still going through some too.  It does seem the more we stretch to expand into unlimited territory, the more our body has to recalibrate to sustain the higher energy.

Tingling in arms and legs, heart palpitations.  I continue to monitor by being aware if I am reacting from the past of fear and of medical diagnosis, and catch myself and rewrite and sustain the state of the future responding.  It’s so amazing that from moment to moment we can change our body and its reactions just by keeping the focusing on future responding and allowing our body’s new recalibration to continue without all the drama and fear of the past.



I did this infinite practicing for a few months a couple years ago because I was experienced old beliefs that automatically took over of not seeing close, and at the time even purchased magnifying glasses.  For those few months I would take small lettering that was blurry and instead of putting the glasses on, I would tell my eyes to do what my glasses were doing.  Then I was able to see what was blurry become magnified, but instead of putting my glasses on, I would squint my eyes.  I never needed to take my glasses with me, it’s was great I just squinted and letters would magnify as if I had the glasses on.

Now and this is important, which many people don’t understand when they see me squint my eyes.  That’s how I trained my eyes to magnify small letters, before that I could not at all see the small letters even when I squinted my eyes.  It took practice to train my cells/eyes to do that.

It’s so funny because when I’m in public, people assume I need glasses, they don’t understand what I’ve done, and of course it’s too much to explain so I do my squinting and read.  But this has now inspired me to retrain my eyes so that I no longer even have to squint.  So this is one of my new infinite practices to no longer squint to see small letters and be able to see them normally.

Spoon Bending

I know many of you are already aware of the profound experience that spoon bending give us because you have done it for yourself.  However for anyone new to this and have not experienced it for themselves, I desired to add it in too. 

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