You are a Power Booster for Everything

Do you realize that whatever you Touch becomes powerful or disempowering? If you are not aware of this then it is a big disadvantage to your creations. If you are aware then you can become the most powerful energy booster and use every object you come in contact with as your infinite conduit that becomes continuous reminders.

What are the First 10 Things You have Come in Contact with Since you Woke Up Today?

<> if get 10 blank pages and write each object you first come in contact with on the top of each page, this will bring you into a more focused state by doing this. Also you will be making it a priority, meaning not procrastinating about it, you will be amazed as you experience the powerful changes because you are really committing to changing.

As an example the first 10 things I came into contact with was my feet on the carpet, clothes, cat, dog, toilet seat, water, towel, coffee maker, coffee mug and computer mouse pad. This is so important to be aware of because whether you are aware of it or not , thoughts of programs of data are associated with every object you touch and come in contact with is giving you messages from your unconscious associations all day long. So instead of leaving everything to old programming that is going on anyway, you can POWER BOOST EVERYTHING YOU come in contact with daily for a continuous creation all of the time.

Take your list of 10 objects and write down beside the object what first comes to your mind about it, example feet on the carpet, do you put slippers on or go barefoot? Do you walk slowly or rush around? After writing or focusing on what comes to your mind about the first thing you came in contact with take a different color pen or write in capital letters the new association you would prefer to associate with walking. Example if you are rushing, then the potential association would be to slow down to be more present. That is a new beneficial association because being present and slowing down is more relaxing, and being in a relaxed state is more powerful as it is healthier for your body and keeps you in the present too. You can add when you awake and your feet touch the carpet or floor as a reminder of the great day you will be creating.

Be creative and add in your specific desired type of day you want to experience. Then go onto the next thing you came in contact with and do it for all 10 things. Then take notice in the next few days how your association is now with these first 10 things. It is more then likely that the first ten things is something you do come in contact with every day. Once you become to experience and notice how your associations become an automatic change after consistently being aware, now you have 10 powerful booster objects to start your day in the most powerful way that is going to expand into more of great creations becoming into your experiences. Next week expand to do this with the next 5 different external things.

I-M ing Every External Object

I-M-ing every external object as an associative powerful trigger to sustain and perpetuate through the day into the night, every day in every powerful way. I as for Infinite and M for Manifesting, creating the trigger effect of the reminder that Infinite Manifesting is the most highest powerful trigger you can create because you are working with the infinite consciousness vibration to manifest into physical.

Before I go any further with I-M-ing everything, let me either enlighten you or remind you of what is going on day to day in your life that is also creating by the minute all day long and as you sleep too.

Did You Know You are Going In and Out of Hypnosis all Day Long?

Why is this important to know? Because without awareness of this knowledge then you are allowing yourself to be automatically suggestible all day long. Not only by association of old programs but more importantly by touching objects too! Because we fall in and out from beta, an aware state to alpha, a suggestible trance state by external objects and others when they trigger your memories, negative or positive, radio, music, tv, your own thoughts and so on. And by every object you come in contact with has associated memories that automatically subconsciously are creating too. So again the most important part is being self aware and being open to the knowledge that then allows you to empower yourself.

As physical beings we are surrounded all of the time by external objects and we can use all these external objects to their highest potential by the knowledge of knowing that it is all dependant on your own self. And what and how you create in a conscious aware state, a trigger association to any object to give it the highest potential power, which means you are a Power Booster to everything.

External Objects

Another example is the cup or mug you drink your coffee from each morning can become a powerful object to remind you of something empowering, so that each time you take a drink of coffee it is triggering a reminder of your highest potential you want to create. Just imagine right now the difference of just drinking your coffee or tea or whatever you drink in the morning with an old energized association to a created energized power booster trigger association and what the difference would be like. Every time that you touch the mug, cup or glass it is revamping your suggestibility so that it creates a great vibration to perpetuate your day.

Do the same thing with the water or whatever you drink and the glass or mug you are drinking out of, your soap as you shower or bath, with your toothbrush, mirrors, mouse on your computer, mouse pad, your pillow, blankets on your bed, with everything you come into contact with throughout your day and night.

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Whats New blog you can check out a few interesting videos about Comet Elenin, weather, about the Universe, creating and much more for August 31 section.

<>, you can work on creating this coming month Sept to be the most exciting and focused month in the powerful present by creating powerful associations triggers all day long with objects you come in daily contact with. Then at the end of the month you will be amazed at your creations and experiences.

Infinitely Anna

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