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Is Every Day New and Exciting for Your Highest Potential?
June 01, 2014

Exuberantly Loving every Momentum Experience

Hi Infinite Manifestor’s, today can be the best day ever and continue to be so as long as you continuously experience it that way from now on and onward.

It doesn’t matter what is going on, staying present in your empowerment is all that matters. We never need to leak or allow our power to drain ever again. We can feel frustrated, but still bring ourselves back to peace, every single time we take notice and realign ourselves again. Over and over until we completely and totally just live for the experiences, without any judgments, and just be a complete evolutionary transformer, an infinite being.

When our ego personality really merges with our higher infinite self, life just flows because we are no longer in our own way. The past that is no longer of any service for us disappears in to a different frequency time line, while we occupy the timeline we are living that’s our true state of being. It’s the most magnificent, peaceful, loving and instant manifesting state of being to stay in, regardless what’s going on.

You may ask, how do we do that? Just click to read the three newest webpages either as reminders or for more insights and guidance, we are the ones we’ve been waiting to be all along.

Infinite Living, let go of the Past to Reap the Magnificent Magic of Now?

Is your day’s experiences mostly a result from living still from the past, or the future? Or really living in the infinite now that keeps expanding to infinite insights and experiences with desires fulfilled? Whatever you are going through and any of your desires you are still stretching for, the greatest and most powerful is constantly reminding yourself and living from infinite consciousness as much as possible to reap all the benefits. by infinite living now.

Messages and Signs from the Universe

For as long as I can remember I’ve taken all experiences to be signs from the universe or higher beings, including infinite self as messages and signs of communication, you probably have too. However have you taken every single experience with the realization that every single experience has a message from the universe?

From tripping on something or your vehicle not starting, the universe is always giving us messages. I just finished reading a great book titled, Conversations with the Universe, and found it to confirm everything I already was doing and beyond into realizing that we are the experience experiencing ourselves. And the Universe is always communicating personally with us.

Surrendering to the Infinite for Easy Manifestations and Staying Blissful

When we really desire something, there’s such a fine line between resistance and surrendering to allow the desire we want to manifest. All the practicing and mental rehearsing we’ve been doing has surely taught us allot, and I found it lead me to the realization and experiences of easy and effortless manifesting.

What a difference compared to even the last few years where I was still learning through practicing which was building up my brains neuronet of successes that leads me to simple and easy. We can have it all, quicker and simpler than ever before. Just by staying in the state of being that IS already it all by surrendering to the Infinite. If this link is broken, you can get to it from What's New Blog 2014

Special Note

I will be sending out another newsletter in July, specifically on the next evolving stage for those that are ready for it. I feel it should be a separate newsletter as the information deserves its own specific focus.

You can also check out What's New Blog 2014, for more interesting video's.

The sparks are igniting and flashing lights are now sustaining to shine brighter as each one of us expands our consciousness to becoming more now and leaving the old past behind.

Till then, embrace and lavish in your beautiful magnificent moments of the Powerful Now, by being in that continuous state of being in the powerful infinite flow. As we continuously expand into more unknown to become known, while you keep shining your bright light of love.

Keep following your excitement and we’ll connect soon.

Infinitely Anna

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