Surrendering to Infinite

Surrendering to Infinite may seems simple yet takes some practice.  Whenever you desiring something, do you still find that you are putting quite a bit of effort into it?  Instead of just surrendering to infinite consciousness to take over because that is what IT is good at doing. 

All we really have to do is think about our desire as it would already be the way we prefer it to be and say a big gratitude appreciation of thanks for it, and surrender to experience it, to be in receivership of it.  This also means genuinely trusting that it will because you have built up a neuronet of memories of already successful manifestations, so your expectation is also built into that one whole network of timeline reality.

This is also being one with the infinite, being unified without putting our own illusionary separations into the mix.  When we deep down and genuinely truly surrender in trust, we are no longer in any kind of separation to our desire manifested to be fulfilled.  It’s until we get to this point that we really realize that being one with our manifested desire as it already is, is not seeing ourselves separate from it to begin with. 

When Surrendering to Infinite
Becomes Natural

For myself it has taken a very long time for surrendering to the infinite to become a natural habit, in other words without having to think about doing it.  Most times in the past I knew letting go or surrendering was all that’s needed to do, however my personality nature would forget and work so hard to try to do what is so easy, natural and effortless for the infinite. 

After lots of reminders and practicing, finally it has become more natural than ever, and such a big relief to know that all I have to do is think about the desire as it already is my experience and surrender to infinite to do the rest. 

Simple and Easy can be a
Challenge for the
Personality to Accept

The ego personality can take a while to adjust to simple and easy and surrendering to the Infinite without IT having to do very much at all.  With enough practicing and reminders the personality actually begins to really enjoy being relaxed and allowing the surrendering to Infinite, instead of all the hard, resistant work it usually thinks it has to do. 

It still amazes me how simple, easy and in flow manifestations become when we just surrender and enjoy the ride, and before we even realize it, we’re living our preferred desired reality.

Being Unified with the Infinite

I realized that this is what becoming one, unified and whole is all about.  No more feeling separate from anything we desire when we know and experience how really ONE we are with the Infinite and our desires.   

This is also the reason that we had to imagine it already is what we desired because the Infinite source, energy, consciousness is already one with everything, and we had to become the same way.  Speak and behave as IT does, which seemed so unfamiliar and foreign at first until we become more wise and conditioned to understanding it through our experiences.

Heartfelt Benefits
to Surrendering to the Infinite

Lately I have been experiencing when I go into social energy, into the city that everyone I encounter or even observe is also a love being.  It feels like I am seeing and feeling from my heart to their heart, and I am in love with the world and everyone I see.  I know it sounds so pollyanna, and I guess it is, and is the greatest experience ever in being a love transformer for so long. 

I was in line in a store and a very frustrated not very happy, actually anger male was complaining to the sales girl, and I felt such love for this (what would appear to be a) stranger, however felt like a kindred soul.  I felt this amazing heartfelt love expanding out from him, so challenging to actually describe.  Next thing I realized was that he became quiet and actually smiled.  It seemed to me that in a instant his heart opened up and he was overflowing in love.

The rest of the day and weeks after I have been experiencing the same kind of love for everything and everyone.  It feels as if i am them, and they are me.  What a most magnificent way to experience the world.  I am really comprehending now from these experiences that we really are all ONE, an overflow from ONE INFINITE SOURCE, and each one of us adds such a prism of unique colorful expressions of experiences to the whole.

Share Your Experiences with Surrendering to Infinite

Do share whatever experiences you have had by surrendering to the Infinite.

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