Infinite Living

We have come to the crossroads in life and evolution to now experience infinite living with everything.  What does this mean?  It means that everything we have done up until now with our spiritual evolution, growth, practicing and experiences has lead us to this amazing creative crossroad of knowing that we are the creators of our reality.  And that we are also co-creating with the Infinite Sources and using all of our wisdom, and insights from higher or infinite consciousness too.

Really letting go of the past and all its reactions to living life automatically, we have taken all of our power back and are creating in the new game with new rules that have our highest potential meaning for EVERYTHING, and that means leaving nothing out.

Old Past Ways

To get this far in our evolution of love sovereignty in living our lives up until now we have used the  greatest knowledge of wisdom's teachings.  We have transformed it into our own wisdom starting with ourselves and allowing it to overflow so it could give us the feedback of reflection so that we could know it did and does work. 

Many of us may have also realized the illusions of separation and the dual nature.  As forgiveness, compassion, self-healing, manifesting our desires and even things we entertained subconsciously that we didn’t really want is still in the energy loop of duality, negative and positive, swinging back and forth.  

Now we get to this amazing crossroad to merge these two boundaries into one source of infinite living, all unified without any ying/yang, positive or negative back and forth.

Opposites from One Source

Just take a look at the old ways, for example if we need to forgive, that means we are still in a dual loop, because on one side is forgiveness, yet on the other energy side is blame, hurt and suffering.  And if we didn’t have value in the concept or a belief in disease which is disharmony, we wouldn’t have to heal because we’d never become sick. 

If we didn’t have value in one energy source, we wouldn’t have to do and experience the other.   Even though it’s all part of the same infinite source, energy field {similar to a coin), we’re just flipping energies.  This realization allows up to choose to sustain the energy source that’s feels the best and has the best potentials for us.

Though we have also come to realize that we did need to experience and know contrast of dual nature, just as without darkness we wouldn’t know light.  If we didn’t have night that allows the illumination that creates the contrast for the bright starry sky to shine bright for us to experience.  Which is similar if it was sunny all the time, we’d never realize there was a magnificent sky shining so bright.


Contrasting experiences in our lives allowed us to know the differences of negative to know positive and positive to negative, hate, fear compared to love and so on.  From those experiences we have also learned to embrace and love the negative experiences for the greatest opportunities, as it allowed us to continuously evolve to know more. 

However, when we come to enough of these contrasting, opposite experiences we can make a quantum leap merging the dual nature of back and forth to perpetuate more light, more love, more bliss.  Why?  Because it is part of our evolution, deep down we just know it is.

When we are harmonious, our body and environment reflects it back to us with a healthy sustained body and everything being in flow so effortlessly. 

Feeling blissful is being united and in harmony with our infinite selves and everyone and everything else, so it's of our highest benefits in all ways to become a bliss/love transformer.  Though we may still experience or see contrast, we are no longer attached or emerged in it to be a trigger.  And this allows us to skip through lots of detours and get right to the infinite amazing source of infinite living from now on.

If we truly deeply from our hearts really love ourselves, honor ourselves with the knowing and feeling we are divine.   With absolutely no judgments, no conditions, love as an infinite creator loves, because we know not intellectually but through our hearts and soul that we are all from one infinite source.  So we’d already be experiencing everything and everyone through infinite living now all the time, and what would that look and be like?  Let’s take a look.

Infinite Living Now

We would always be a walking, talking, responding Love Being, enjoying every single thing, situation, person we ever encountered.  We’d feel and be so light which sustains our body cells in every way and would be the perfect comfortable weight for our bodies because we’d no longer be reacting and living from our past and trying to fill ourselves with anything but more love. 

Though we have always been connected to the infinite source, we would no longer be playing the hide and seek illusion games that we are not connected.  We’d know that we have and are always supported from the infinite universal source of higher beings and energy flow of infinite source. 

We would entertain and focus on any desire and experience it quicker than ever because that's the flow we're in.  Actually all we have to do is look upon beings who have already become enlightened to know how they are already experiencing infinite living.  The benefits are so profound, uplifting and amazing.

Being the Infinite Being ...
Infinite Living Now ...

So what can we do now that can perpetuate and accelerate this process of enlightenment for ourselves to be infinite living?  Moment to moment we can observe how our actual language has changed.  Have you noticed yourself using different higher vibrational words in conversations?  Just by realizing how natural this has occurred raises and accelerates our state of being.  Even if it goes unnoticed, or noticed by others, either way subconsciously it's being picked up.

Have you also noticed lately that when someone says or does something negative, that you embrace it without any attachment to it, just accept and let it go, as if it’s all clouds passing by the bright blue sky. 

Have you notice as I have, that a big smile comes so naturally on your face, and a AHA, walla experience because you’re just sitting in enjoyment instead of reacting as you did in the past.  No strings attached, it just doesn’t trigger out of you anymore because you are overflowing of unconditional genuine love for yourself that continuously overflows onto everything and one.

For the past few weeks the song by Luba kept playing in head.  I would hear it so clear, even though I have not heard this song in years.  It was actually right this moment when I was writing this webpage for the newsletter that I decided to go to youtube and actually hear the song since it wouldn’t leave my head.  No wonder infinite self/source, universe kept tuning it in throughout these weeks, and that's also infinite living. Take a listen to the lyrics in the song and into the energy of the concert.

More Benefits
to Infinite Living Now

As you continue being a love transformer and living for the love experience of sovereignty evolution, you will also tap into more advance infinite intelligence information.  Higher consciousness insights from evolved beings that have already been here and done it all and have now evolved to higher living levels giving us cues to follow. 

It opens us up to new information to continue being on the leading edge to go into more unknown, however already known and experienced for the higher beings.  Wouldn’t you rather be tapping into that infinite informational wisdom than recycled social consciousness that is perpetually on the hamster wheel?  Aging is past conditioning that we can evolve to experience something new to age reversal as a evolving potential benefit.

In the beginning of this video, Joe Dispenza talks about the Ellen Langer experiment with seniors with age reversal.

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