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Welcome ...

If you enjoy learning ways to empower yourself, then I hope you also receive as much benefit from my website's information as I enjoyed creating it.

I passionately love learning about ways to empower myself that I created this website to share it. Through my experiences of great teachings that I have integrated in my life, it has become the absolute truth that it does work.

It's my way of sharing and my appreciation for all the Master Teachers that have helped in my transformation and evolving consciousness.  And is continuously transforming my life to absolute knowing that we can have, be and do anything and everything we desire, as we evolve to become conscious creators.

By choosing infinite manifesting thoughts, which is letting go of fears and experiencing joyous blissful thoughts.  We can go beyond to creating everyday to be exciting and how we want it to be ... while simultaneously adding to the blossoming of our collective consciousness.

              It's really all about the THOUGHTS we PICK DO MATTER.                   Thoughts mixed with intense emotions is manifesting the reality we experience.  The goal is to become Conscious Manifesting Creators of Love, creatively creating what we prefer, instead of unconsciously creating out of fear of what we don't want to experience.

Just think for a moment of how a small squirt of dish soap added into water and observe all the bubbles that form from it, thousands of them expanding just from one little squirt. It reminds me of how our thoughts expand the same way depending on our most dominant thoughts throughout our day. It is the thoughts we are choosing that creates a feeling that then is our "observer effect" in how our days unfold into our creations being manifested.

Everything is Possible

As we continue to consciously choose thoughts from Infinite Manifesting Consciousness then everything and anything is Possible.

That means that it is possible because in infinite consciousness it exists or we would not be able to think it, which is the reason it IS possible. So that leaves nothing out.

When your belief transforms to knowing, then nothing will stop you from experiencing what you want.

Why is learning and using your psychic or supernormal abilities important?

Infinite manifesting is when we go beyond to experience abilities that we have not experienced in our past. To know more about ourself, about our body and it's well being, and experiencing more bliss and excitement in our daily lives.

Infinite manifesting from the infinite mind is using your psychic abilities as part of evolving into becoming more. We will experience powers that have been latent awaiting activation to use.

We are connecting and being influenced from our infinite being or infinite source instead of our surviving ego personality. Eventually the ego will merge while we evolve into powerful, united, harmonious beings. Our life of challenges will transforms to an empowering way of living in peaceful ease.

Our life becomes literally magical. When we know we are the creators of our reality and that our thoughts do matter and are triggering the emotions that we feel, we become empowered and vibrate on a higher frequency. We finally remember what we came here to do, evolve to discover our true infinite self and using that power consciously through our physical body.


A Relative from Our Past ...

Let us envision for a moment that a relative from our past three hundred years ago was able to visit with us and see things from their perspective. How would they perceive what is going on with their limited thoughts of beliefs when they see us staring at a big screen hanging on our wall?

Then using a device, our cordless converter we have in our hand that changes the motion of pictures on the screen numerous times. They would see us so involved in what is playing on the screen, if we are watching a comedy show they would see us laughing. Especially when no one else is in the room, our interactions is with that hanging slim box on the wall. The phone rings and you pick up your cell phone and start talking and then walk over to your microwave that you had put popcorn in for three minutes and take it out.

Think about what they would be thinking? They would think you were a wizard or a witch using magic and instantaneously interacting with everything. Your past relative would be so perplexed and the shock of them trying to comprehend it all would be overwhelming.

Your relative would be even more amazed if you were to take them in one of your vehicles and drive them to an airport or watch a jet flying above in the air. Just think about how they would evaluate and judge what was going on.

We can use the above analogy the same way we would when we perceive or experience any psychic phenomenon or super infinite abilities that is from infinite manifesting source.

When we experience any of these on a regular basis for our self then any perception of paranormal becomes normal for us. Just as in our example with our distant relative, except if you find it impossible then you become the distant relative perceiving the paranormal in a similar way.

Our life and our own self becomes unlimited and incredible, feelings of bliss become everyday experiences because our thoughts create the emotions into feelings through our heart for us to experience naturally as we evolve.

In this video clip you will experience some great teachers sharing their explanations of how we are creating our reality, by the “observer effect”.

We become to live the life we dreamed to live and experience heavenly bliss on earth.

... So let everyday be an Infinite Manifesting Day ...

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