Universe Communications

Universe communications is literally going on all the time.  And taking notice with every single thing that is reflected in your experiences will show you feedback mirroring back to you anything and everything you need to know. 

The universe uses all kinds of ways to get messages to us and signs that can open us up to knowing more, helping us with decisions or getting us back on our path, and much more.

The Universe is Alive

The universe is alive and filled with infinite beings and infinite realities of different levels of vibrational frequencies.  IT is paying attention and interacting through universe communications with us, giving us messages and signs personally and can be very enlightening, humorous, fun, exhilarating, and majorly insightful. 

We all know that the universe doesn’t judge, IT just loves to experience, and it doesn’t matter what the experience is, it loves experiencing what we go through.  When we respond the same way with even challenging situations, they're no longer challenges, they become fun and exciting adventures that we learn through each experience, just for the experience.

How’s Your Relationship with the Universe?

When we really come to the realization that we are in a full blow personal and interconnected relationship with the universe,  and universe communications are always going on, life really becomes exuberantly fun and exciting, even if we believe no one is paying attention.  The universe is always personally paying attention to everyone of us, it’s nonstop, even if we are not acknowledging the universe, it’s always acknowledging us. 

The Universe is continuously interacting with all kinds of messages and signs.  All we have to do is bring our awareness to noticing and we’ll see messages and signs all the time and everywhere.

These messages and signs can also show us how our relationship is with the universe too.  How playful are we?  How serious do we become?  Do we communicate with the universe on a daily basis, or do we shut it out by ignoring it?  

Our relationship with the universe is more important than any other relationship we are in now.  Be it spouse, friends, family members, because we’ll never be separated from the universe, we’re always connected even when we think to believe we’re not, we are.

Universe Communications Opportunities Through Injuries

Hurt yourself lately?  We all know that accidents in any form are really messages, universe communications to get our attention.  Just a couple weeks ago I was rushing and banged so hard into a van mirror that literally knocked me to the ground to catch my breath and then the pain began with a fractured or bruised rib.  That was no accident, and without judging it, great insight evolved.   It was a sign from the universe communications consciousness to pay more attention to all the rushing I was doing that day and not paying attention to what I was doing. 

Since I do not go to doctors or take any medications either, it was also another initiation to test myself.  How powerful and sovereign have I become?  So with self-talk and seeing it as already healed, and added, already healed and to be faster than normal.  The first couple of days I was in excruciating pain especially at night, and put my mind to work, repeating the mantra, already healed, already done, and expecting it to be.   

I was amazed because I was still lifting things, and doing allot of spring house cleaning, however I was suffering in pain each night, until I realized that it was a belief I was to let go of that dictated body commands, “I won’t heal if I don’t rest it, if I use it, I’ll re-injure it” kind of thoughts.  So I said out loud, no way, I don’t want that belief or reality anymore.  I want the reality that I was no longer injured, I was already perfect. 

It only took a couple more days of reminding myself to let go of the old belief completely, so I could switch to a reality that the more I do, the better I become.  And that’s exactly what occurred.

Incidents as Blessings
Opportunities and Sync

The whole incident with my ribcage was a blessing and great opportunity to create a reality that was now suited to serve me better than the old past reality.  Simultaneously I also was reading Joe Dispenza’s newest book, “You are the Placebo”, so the sync of universe communications that I was reading the book already when the injury occurred.  It was more confirmation how just with thought alone we make our own pharmaceutical pharmacy inside us. 

Which confirmed more of what I already knew and already do, however it was so great to read more of it as it gave me more support.  Especially when everyone around me is into turning to medical authority and medication, instead of trusting themselves and turning to meditation.

Synchronize Messages and Signs
from the Universe

We just bought a jeep liberty and it wouldn’t start after we brought it home and during that week I was also reading the book titled, “Conversations with the Universe” and also listened a couple days prior to Singh in a video about her tour bus not starting.  This lead me to look deeper into things I start but have not finished yet, and many other messages and signs too.

I could ramble on and on with hundreds of recent experiences of universe communications, messages and signs I have experienced, however I won’t because I’d rather hear some of your experiences with universe communication.  And you can share them by submitting them below. 

What are Your Experiences with Universe Communications?

Share some of your experiences of messages and signs you have had of the Universe communicating personally with you.

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