The Gift in You is Knowing How Powerful You Really Are

How was last month for you in creating more joy and manifestations of what you wanted? The days do go by so fast, yet everyday if we get caught up in old programming it can keep creating the same experiences and Self Awareness is so important. Since we are in the Christmas season now, it’s a great time to remind yourself of the powerful being you really are.

Reminding yourself <>, that things just don’t happen to you when you know you are creating experiences wanted and unwanted depending on what you are giving your attention to. It really needs to become a habit, so that everyday you are using your thoughts and feelings to create what you want consistently.

If we use the analogy of an apple compared to our desires to realize that seeing a picture of an apple is not the same as actually having the apple in our hands so we can feel it, taste it, smell it as we are eating it. There is also a difference in using that present moment while eating the apple to stay present to really enjoy it by focusing on what you are actually doing. Noticing your senses as you’re eating the apple is being present with the apple and then also appreciate the apple too.

This analogy can be the same way with our desires, if we see them just as a picture without using our senses and emotions to be present in focus with what we desire then it could take a long time for it to manifest. It would be similar to just seeing a picture of your desire but not experiencing it. But when you experience it in your imagination as if it’s already in your experiences by being present with it, it’s being one with it and speeds up it’s manifestation.

If you use each day to remind yourself of the gift in you that you are a creator creating reality instead of perceiving things as just happening, you open your own gift of empowerment. So each day becomes more joyous in every way because you are worth it in every way! So don’t just have a Merry or Happy Christmas instead go beyond to creating the best Christmas experiences for your enjoyment.

For more on Christmas if you have not read it yet, you can check out my article featured in Ezine by clicking on the top right side image on my website there is an article about what Christmas means for me and how to incorporate it into every day experiences.

Infinite Love & Bliss … Anna Antoski

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