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Are You Ready for the Next Level of Awakening?
June 02, 2015

Dissolving Duality Illusions into Wholeness of Perception

Hi I am excited to connect with you and share some wisdom of insights that I came upon that bridged a gap for me in regards to finally getting to some big core root beliefs that were dangling like an echo. Keeping me feeling stuck still in a back and forth motion of duality.

The insights may seem so simple and so subtle, and even yes, we may already know intellectually, however if we are still seeing through their filtered lens of perception, we haven’t made it our true wisdom yet. They are so powerful in dissolving duality of core beliefs into a unified perception. In this way we can experience life with a different lens than in the past, and it does also restructure what we experience in our reality. It really does feel like the next phase of awakening.

I, just as yourself, work, well now it’s much more like play with expanding in consciousness to own and use more of the power we know is available every moment for us. Yet, I still felt like there was something missing in regards to truly manifesting my biggest desires. Even though there’s been amazing quick progression and experiences of bliss and love through adversities, and joy in perpetual transformations of challenges into great opportunities that I expanded as a result, there seem to be still something missing. Through the insights I came upon, I realized missing keys or pieces I needed to fit it all together to really get the surging realizations accelerating by dissolving duality in my beliefs into a wholeness perception.

Missing Keys

An analogy that just popped into my mind in regards to dissolving duality is similar as rushing because of running late to get to an appointment on time, however you searched everywhere you thought your keys could be, but no keys. As you let your pet in the house, you notice your keys dangling in the key hole of the door, Aha, you just remembered you forgot to take them out of the door the night before when you arrived home.

The missing subtle keys are always there, yet many times it takes that one final realization to really embody the insightful wisdom, as I did when I came upon a video of a young guy, Bentinho Massaro sharing of great teachings he has integrated in his life with his radiating essence of wholeness and wisdom. Though many of the teachings you may be familiar with, as you’ve already integrated many of them into your life. It’s the aha ones that will propel you into dissolving duality of core beliefs that are probably holding your biggest dreams back from your experience.

So if you want to investigate more for yourself and get to those big core roots, one being lack illusion which has many layers of attachments, and the receiving illusion as they really need to be dissolved by taking a deeper look at both illusions that are a result from duality beliefs. So that you can also perceive through wholeness and experience life every single moment in the most incredible ways you truly desire to live.

Higher Knowledge

Higher Knowledge of information that seems to always be on the leading edge from social consciousness is what resonates with us because it propels us to expand consciousness as we evolve to experience more unknown to know, and to experience greater experiences. Higher knowledge is always available until we are ready to sync to it, and if it resonates that it may make sense to us, is usually when we dive deeper into it.

I created this webpage so that we can share any information we come upon that inspires us to contemplate deeper into it. I am quite sure that all of us love it when we come upon new knowledge to contemplate. So that we don't miss anything. You can share whatever you come upon below. I have shared a few ideas from higher knowledge that I came upon that I have integrated into my life. Please do share with us anything you come upon that resonated with you.

Also check out "What's New" there are a few new videos there too.

Big Cheers and Smiles

When you are walking around in life and just can’t stop smiling because you now get so much more than you realized, you know you are onto the greatest path so far. Revel in it, enjoy it, have lots of fun with it all, and keep cheering yourself on and allowing the big smiles to take over, even in the midst of any adversities. Love and Light, Infinitely Anna
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