Receiving Illusion is a Paradigm Shift When we See Through it

The Receiving illusion may have been created from a belief we needed until we evolved to the point in our journey to accept more responsibility.  This really resonated with me, does it with you?

It’s can be a powerful shift when we also dissolve the beliefs of lack, limitation and especially the belief of always having to wait and have long time lags in experiencing what we desire and want.  When we believe in the illusions of perceiving our experiences as receiving or creating or manifesting, when the truth may be that we are actually “choosing” and “deciding” upon certain reality frames

Though we won’t realize it until we contemplate the sense of how reality shifting actually fits in as the best way yet that reality may truly be.  The belief in receivership of everything means we are using time and time gaps through the illusion of waiting to experience our desires fulfilled.  In other words, the illusion of receiving creates many long detours of timing it takes to experience especially what seems as big desires.

Necessary Reasons for the Belief of Receiving

In the past it seems that it may have been necessary for us to need the belief in receivership, because we needed the process that would unfold for us to remember our relationship to the nature of reality, and especially the relationship to our infinite self/source. 

As we can clearly see now how unwanted experiences became in our creations from our lack of control of our thoughts and feelings.  Now imagine what it would have been like if we didn’t have this belief of receiving, we’d be even more hazardously creating. 

So the receiving illusion seems to have a higher benefit along the way towards enlightenment evolution, and also incorporated within it a belief of time.  Time give us more momentum to unfold our creations until we really understand into the realization of the nature of reality and who we really are and what we are really doing, what we refer to as awakening.

Built In Safety Mechanism
In the Receiving Illusion Belief

Receiving illusion contains a built in mechanism in our human embodiment of design in the belief that we are always receiving everything.  It may be a type of safety precaution, giving us the unique individual time needed until we remembered that we create, manifest to receive into more advanced understandings of shifting realities, and that we have higher source beings always available to us too, including our infinite future self.  

As we unfold into our realizations and are dissolving duality to see more wholeness of perception, receiving illusion belief allows time gaps, lags in time in case we decided and changed our mind about anything we consistently thought and felt to be created.  Do you also notice how the time gaps seem to become less and less the more evolved in knowing more as we expand in consciousness?  Seems like another safety mechanism that activates changes as we evolve to become more responsible with our thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Since then we have come a long way into our realization and remembering that we are creators.  From our remembering we now have gained tremendous wisdom from our initiations of realizing the sovereign re-spon-ibility of the powerful beings we are.  So it surely makes sense that this may be the way it has enfolded in our development of remembering who we really are and using our power with the most love light and integrity. 

In the past before our remembering or awakening, we may have used this power in the more negative of ways, however already being, beings of light and love that we are, we subconsciously knew that we didn’t need any more leveraging to the negative side.   In the past and present there are others who have and are doing just that.  We knew we had to hold more energy to the love/light to perpetually dissolve the old negative powers that have used it without love and light.

Dissolving the
Receiving Illusion Once it No Longer Serves Us

Now that we have come upon this higher knowledge of information that is in the process of completely changing our beliefs if we resonate with it, it may lessen the time gaps for experiencing our desires.

When we let go of these old beliefs, it allows us to now realize we’ve out grown them and are ready to take on more responsibility.  Then more knowledge comes upon us that we can integrate for our experiences to own the wisdom, so we no longer believe it, we know it.  It opens us up to a whole new way of not only intellectually understanding reality, but in the most soul heartfelt way.  We are in the process of the new wiring of our heart to our brain, referred to as infinite intelligence, wisdom, not just our head to our brain, referred to as intellectual knowledge. 

We can now own more of our power right now.  We will understand more of quantum physics.  We will also understand more of shifting realities, and use our creative abilities easily and without effort and long time gaps of waiting as we did in the old way.  The receiving illusion is now deactivating while the new system of creation is fully taking its relative shaping in our DNA.  Even as you right now presently are reading this and contemplating all of this information, your DNA, your embodiment is exuberantly absorbing some of this information in a transformational sense. 

Present Knowing that We Shift Realities

If the info resonates and we contemplate it long enough that it's a desire to experiment with to see our own proof then it can be of an expanded advantage for us.  The realization of the illusion of receiving, creating or manifesting, may unfold for us to also realize that we have pulled out a big core belief too.  We now no longer will see duality in what we desire to experience because our experiences of wisdom will confirm for us each time we experience slight or major differences in our reflective reality.

This also allows TIME to become more flexible and no longer a barrier or block to our creations of our desires or wishes fulfilled.  We now no longer have assumptions of beliefs that time is involved as it did in the past with the receiver illusion filtered through our perception.  We now know that we don’t receive, create, or manifest anything.  We are becoming more in alignment with infinite intelligence and can tune ourselves to be a vibrational match to the reality time frame we decide upon and choose from infinite field of possibilities. 

We may come to realize that we have been doing it along, in the past we were not wise to it.  Without the receivership belief running, and time as a gap barrier, we are free to really put our full range power to (work) powerful play in closing the illusionary gap of waiting for our desires to manifest.  We can own it right now in the powerful now and know how we were getting in the way of our desires taking time to be experienced.

Feel it right now!  Feel how powerful it now feels to absolutely know that you are the creator choosing everything.  You are tuned in to the Infinite Intelligence of Creation, and everything is possible.  You no longer have to wait long periods of time gaps.  You just decide what you want and focus upon it, feel it as the reality you desire to be.  Picture yourself already shifted to that reality.  Feel how great it feels.  As you go along your day, do not alter from that state of being.  And though you already know this, anytime you do alter from your divine reality shifted state, stop and refocus yourself back to your desired state.  Continue to do this until your reality is your desired state.

Will Creations be Automatic Now?

We may wonder if our desire of creation will be instantly automatic, or will we still have waiting time?  Even though we have acknowledged this profound truth of the receiving illusion, we may still be in an old echoing process of dissolving the receiving illusion belief in totality.  In other words, all remaining residue energy that contains the old belief of receiving illusion may linger still for a bit, until it’s completely absorbed as our own truth without exception to anything else, then the new belief takes solidity. 

Usually as we know from past experience.  There's always a higher beneficial good reasons for all we go through in waiting times that we are usually not aware of until we can look back through hindsight, and that's where trusting comes in to play.

Since this is still quite new for me also in dissolving dualities of the illusional beliefs of receiving, manifesting or creating perceptions, though I have been powerfully playing with IT just today, though I've played around a lot with reality shifting, I realize now I haven't been all in with it to live it with everything every day in every way.

Actually I watched Bentinho's video yesterday and didn’t give it much thought until this morning and decided to do a webpage for it for my newsletter that you are now reading.  So presently I am writing about it and am going to start living it now and will add in my experiences within the next few weeks.

I am anticipating that it will become much more efficiently effective and effortless once we completely dissolve the receiving illusion perception.  Though because of the still activated program of process, I am thinking it may take a bit for my whole of me to register it all.  I just reminded myself that I am right now creating my own blueprinted story of how it’s going to work out, so with that in mind, I am going to give it all I’ve got!  How about you? 

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