Higher Knowledge
To Contemplate Rises Us to Greater Levels of Experiences

Higher Knowledge of information that seems to always be on the leading edge from social consciousness is what resonates with us because it propels us to expand consciousness as we evolve to experience more unknown to know, and to experience greater experiences.  Higher knowledge is always available until we are ready to sync to it, and if it resonates that it may make sense to us, is usually when we dive deeper into contemplating more about the new knowledge. 

Usually the more outrageous it is the better because of our open mindedness that allows us to follow these infinite hunches of infinite higher intuition, that it just may be the next thing we need to learn about for our next awareness stage.  This perpetuates our evolving nature we inherently resonate with because we know that we continue to passionately be committed to keep going no matter what tries to get in our way because we know that’s what we came here to do, perpetually evolve. 

This is the very reason I created this webpage, so that we can share with each other any higher knowledge that any of us come upon, so that we can investigate higher knowledge and through our higher contemplation decide if it’s beneficial for us. 

Though a couple of these ideas about reality I have come upon in the past through other teachings, one being “The Law Of One” which seems to be quite popular for many, similar to the popularity of the “Seth info” which indicates for me that the info shared and streaming into our collective consciousness is for many beneficial reasons that are from these two sources.  Since I continued to come across these two “ideas” more than a few times, I did contemplate and integrated them into my life and they did fit precisely in when needed to make more sense of reality than in the past without this higher knowledge.

I love the expanded way Tom Campbell explains creative evolution and how presently we are all adding and expanding in consciousness in his video, The History of Enlightenment from a Scientific Point of View.

7 Levels of Consciousness…
2nd Density to 3rd Density to 4th Density

Second Density is the reality that all animal species are also in an evolutionary process.  If this information is new to you, it may be a bit shocking or surprising at first if you never thought of the possibility that you may have been in an animal embodied vehicle before.  I know it did for me because of seeing humans in a separate definition of a way compared to this new to me, higher knowledge.  However since anything is possible, it could be that we don’t have to incarnate as an animal before evolving high enough with enough conscious self-awareness. 

For me it didn’t matter if I was an animal first before being able to experience a human vehicle, however it did ponder me to contemplate if that could be the reason that many people have pets they love sometime even more than people.  Hmm?  Something to contemplate on?

What was valid for me was coming upon this information when my cat Light was dying, passing on from my reality.  She became the closest and most deeply bonded pet I had in comparison to other pets that came into my life.  That I came upon this information at that particular time was so in synchronicity to be able to tune into what she was trying to communicate to me. 

You can read more about it through this link if it's of more interest of higher knowledge for you to contemplate.  if you haven’t read about it yet.  It was like so many missing pieces fit right into place, aha’s of revelations, and the in tuned communication we had was amazing.  And it would have been totally missed if I didn’t come upon that precious higher knowledge when I did.  That’s what so amazingly wonderful about reality and sync and how it all works so perfectly, whether we realize it or not at any time, eventually we realize more and more.

People who have No Desire to
Know about Spirituality or Creator/God

Old souls versus young souls may be the reasoning behind another who has no desire or care about anything except for physicality.  No beliefs about after life, the universe, or spiritual evolution.  This does make sense, but more than anything else of whether it’s true or not, is that it inspires us to be more compassionate with others without being judgmental in anyway. 

If they are newer souls and still have not came upon that as a desire because they may be so overwhelmed and focused on just being in a body for the first or few times.  They actually may be so new in a human body that there’s so much they are trying to comprehend, learn and experience compared to their previous incarnation of second density of occupying consciousness in an animal body.  You can hear a bit more about it through Bentinho’s explanation from the Law of One teachings in his video at the bottom of this page.

It's also possible that these individuals intended in this lifetime to experience forgetting their spiritual side for the experience.  it could be a possibility if in other lifetimes they may have been very spiritual and desired a completely new experience.

There is Always Desire

We may wonder from investigating other different cultural beliefs that our progression is to release from having desires.  That may be the case in very high densities, however in the closest ones to us it does makes sense that desires is the catalyst impulse that inspires our evolving nature.

There’s no Need to Physically Die when We are Perpetually Evolving
Longevity is a Choice

I first came upon this higher knowledge from Tom Campbell’s books, and heard it again in Bentingo’s video.   Since Physical Immortality seems to be the next stage in evolution for humans as we get to a certain level of expanding consciousness, well it makes perfect sense to me that we don’t have to die when we are perpetually evolving.  When we really master our thoughts, feelings and vibration to be of a high enough frequency, our bodies don’t become sick or diseased in anyway, it’s a natural response to being a high vibe being. 

Along the way if we’ve mastered self-healing from the contrast of creating being sick or in pain, we’ve learned or grew in consciousness with more self-awareness of how it was always our own self that subconsciously created any body disharmony.  Though even with all that said, if a persons still believes in death, they subconsciously will create a way to die, or go to a dimension next on their path to most probably eventually reincarnate.  The greatest thing to realize is, there's really no judgment to infinite consciousness, so whatever we decide is what's best for our own selves that we are always adding to infinite consciousness.  Just as 10 people who take  different roads that all lead to the same destination when timing doesn't matter.  Whatever road suits each person is their own choice with different scenery and experiences, just as for us on this journey, different experiences to add to infinite consciousness. 

Most are not aware on a conscious level of what's actually occurring subconsciously or even in the most expanded sense from a very expanded large view point.  It makes so much sense that the more self-aware we expand to become, the more we desire to know about all parts of ourselves and the nature of reality and consciousness.

So in the process of it all, we continue to learn and to be the controller of our reality, and as we continue to do this we are always in a perpetual evolutionary state of more higher knowledge to become our wisdom through experience.  And creation loves it because creation is constantly expanding with newer and newer experiences.  When humans become complacent and stop expanding in consciousness creatively, there seems to be a built in mechanism in the universe to recycle, as we do in reincarnation.  While it simultaneously has everything else all contained within that we still yet will know about as we continue to expand to evolve in consciousness.

Information of Higher Knowledge

Share with us any information you have come upon that's of higher knowledge.

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