Lack Illusion,
Is it Sabotaging
Some of Your Desires?

Lack illusion is a major big core belief that sabotages most individuals amazing power to experience what they truly desire.  We have been programmed that lack is true, and then we continue to  experience all that's in alignment of lack perception.

The belief in lack dictates a foggy error filter in our perception in the way we see everything, and in all our creations we experience.  This lack illusionary belief intermingles into every area of our lives, and is the very reason that deep investigation into bringing this realization into our present awareness can change the way we see and experience everything from this moment on. 

Though in the beginning of this process of transformation of perception, we may need to remind ourselves whenever we notice we have fell back to perceiving through the lack illusion, and literally stop ourselves.  In each stop we contemplate, again and again until the new way of seeing through the high vibe knowing, or whole perception without duality, that there is only abundance and that becomes the natural way we perceive. 

Lack Illusion Beliefs are Entangled into
All Areas of Our Lives

By contemplating deeper into the Lack Illusion Belief you will find that the perception of lack, as seen with many root attachments of “never enough” overflows into not enough money, not enough health, not enough of anything we want.  Once we see through this illusionary belief, we begin to see that there’s ALWAYS ENOUGH of everything.  There’s an abundance of health for individual’s experiencing health. There’s also an abundance of illness, disease and pain for those experiencing not being healthy.  The same way for money.  There’s an abundance for those experiencing perpetual money, and an abundance of debt, an abundance of no money for those experiences no money.  All as a result from one big core belief that continues to alter our perception through the lack filtered belief.

When we take a deeper look at the underlying belief of lack and how it penetrates such limits through every area in our lives, and to realize there is only abundance of the very things we either want or don’t want.  There’s never any lack of anything.  Whether it be on the negative side or positive side, on the I want side or the I don’t want side, there’s only abundance when we see it as ABUNDANCE instead of lack perception. 

Lack Illusion Belief Transformed
into the Wisdom of Abundance

Once the wisdom of only abundance has transformed completely and naturally as second nature, that there is and never was any lack originally, you then know the seed has taken hold securely.  You also will realize that you've been dissolving duality to see wholeness as the lack illusion fades away.  Everything then takes on the perception of knowing there is only abundance and everything also begins to shift into a higher frequency wave in your state of being.  You can instinctively feel you are in a new reality that perpetually unfolds into experiencing more and more high vibrational experiences of abundance in all areas of your life.

Where you once seen lack as in limitations, not enough, effort, hard work, and anything that took on that hard heavier feeling of being dragged down, that also had its core projection of fear intertwined through that web of lack belief, you now see only abundance.  By seeing it in this whole new light allows everything to also be transformed into abundance of what you desire to be experienced in a natural more effortless divine way, in all ways.  It has to because that’s the true alignment with Creation, nature and natural pure laws of the universe.  You know it because you see abundance everywhere.

We Become to Expect
High Vibe Ease of Abundance

It’s like the fog has lifted, the light seeing through the darkness, the stars that light up the dark sky, the doomed fear of not enough money, health, joy and love, all of it fades into a high vibrational frequency of abundant love, light, faith, trust, knowing of ease and harmony.  And easy, ease flow of just seeing abundance as all there really was and is takes on a new high vibe frequency to experience life. 

Where fear used to surface and trigger an overflow of doubts, frustrations and depression, now abundance radiates the realization that it was all for our experiences ,to get to this level of realized awakening.  We can ease into the knowing that abundance is all there is, and we now can consciously choose the heavy or light side of abundance.  Since the majority of the population has already lived life from this darker heavy side of abundance, just as we have, we can now lighten up and allow the light side of ease of abundance to take over.  You will also find that in that vibe reality there is natural trust, and the more you become so comfortable through your own wisdom from proven experiences, the more trusting becomes so natural too.

In just been a few days that I’ve been seeing everything through the realization of abundance.  Wherever I go, it's now like big neon lights are lighting up for me, I see the abundance of signs, traffic lights, stores, trees filled with abundant leaves and on and on.  I see an over abundance of people spending money everywhere I look.

It’s really amazing!  All these things were always there, I would see it all every day, but never as vivid that I see everything now in the most fulfilling way, as life is, truly abundant.  I am excitedly looking forward now to each day as I continue to see abundance, and especially whenever I still see lack, to immediately re-correct any leftover lack perception to abundance realization.

We can think we know certain things, we've heard it all before, there is so lack, however many times it takes just the right timing and way it's described to really get it, and that's what i experienced when I came upon Bentinho describing it so wonderfully, thank you Bentinho.

Thriving the Ups and Downs of the Spiritual Journey

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