Dissolving Duality
To Perceive with Wholeness

Dissolving Duality so we can see wholeness in our perceptions.  Duality allows us to be able to perceive and experience contrast between many variations of the lowest vibrational ranges we equate as fear, the negative heavier energy emotions, and slide along feeling emotions in variations along up to the higher ranges of wavelengths of love, bliss and so on. 

Duality of contrast serves a great purpose for us until we evolve to the higher stages on our expanding consciousness path, to no longer need all the duality of contrast.  When our desires reach the border of learning all we have from contrasting experiences, and we then decide we really love the higher emotions the best, we decide that’s our new adventure.  We now desire something new.  We want to experience daily life without duality of mixed emotions as a result of duality, and we desire more of what it feels like to experience heaven on earth. 

To do that many of us go through progressive phases of challenges until we come upon another threshold that stabilizes us for a while until our next adventurous desires arises.  For myself, dissolving duality is the next phase I am realizing I am upon, and if you are reading this and resonating with it, then it may be the next phase for you too.

Challenges into Bliss
Is a Catalyst for Dissolving Duality

Doing the playful work of mastering any negativity that surfaced from all others and in all situations was a big challenging part of our evolution in expanding consciousness.  If you consistently have done that great playful work, then you know just as I do, that it always feels so amazing when it became a natural way to deal with everything.  It also bridges the gap in dissolving duality quicker too. 

Even if we still have a bit more to do, we have mastered a big part of transforming.  As a result we always felt better than ever with every successful transformation of keeping the focus on ourselves from any negative triggering.  That great mirror reflection work is finally paying off in the realization that it’s a catalyst of dissolving duality and preparing us for experiencing more heaven on earth.  

We have been and are continually from our heart and soul passionately committed beings that keep going no matter what else is going on because that’s our first priority, we continue because literally we really can’t stop.  Our infinite self keeps urging us along, whether we realized it or not at any time. 

Duality Dissolves…Illusion Beliefs Gone…
Wholeness Remains

Though I am only in the process of dissolving duality in my biggest core beliefs, and have only been playing with it for a few days consistently, it is already showing changes in my perceptions.  For example since I have been playing with the infinite wisdom that resonated with me from Bentinho’s sharing of contemplating and investigating the core belief of lack, everywhere I go I now see abundance of everything.  It really does change your idea about everything in regards to the human filtering of outdated beliefs playing illusionary tricks on us.

What I found occurs is that the beliefs in duality created a ride of swinging back and forth with core beliefs.  Dissolving duality of the big core belief of Lack, at the low end is ideas of beliefs, “there’s not enough” and limitations, anything that has to do with struggling and survival.  Then on the high end is abundance and thriving.

Another big core belief is regarding the nature of reality.  How it comes about either with beliefs through various cultural values, religions, spirituality, new age and so on.  Anything that includes variations  between low ranges that dictate beliefs that everything just happens to us, or is the responsibility of another other than ourselves, and runs along to higher ranges up to our own sovereignty of our reality. 

When we get to this higher range to realize that even creating, manifesting or even receiving in reality is still in a duality swing everything becomes more simpler.  When we really get it not just intellectually, like yes we know it, but when we really get it INTELLIGENTLY, have it wired from our brain to our heart is when we begin to perceive reality no longer from a survival perception, but from CREATION's truth.  That it just may be that we’re actually choosing either subconsciously or consciously actual reality frames from infinite parallel realities and actually shifting realities. 

Once we stop swinging back and forth, what we perceive will always be abundance, lack will no longer compute to us.  The same will be with creating, manifesting or receiving will no longer compute either, we’ll be only perceiving and referring to it as simply choosing reality frames and be that vibe match.  We will no longer need contrast of swinging back and forth in duality.  We can just be whole in our perceptions to experience heaven on earth, which really means, experiencing more joy, bliss, fun, excitement and quicker desires fulfilled physically.

Expanding Consciousness through
Our Experiences

It does seem that everything in the universe as far as we have gathered in information is based on change and expansion.  So if that’s the case then we may as well be on the leading edge of it by continuing to follow our intuition of what resonates with us to keep expanding into more unknown to make known for our experiences in physical. 

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