Evolved Dying May Be Another Piece to the
Awaking Puzzle or Infinite Journey

Evolved dying may be another part of the pieces of awakening, enlightenment path on our infinite journey. The primary one seems to be that we are creators and create our reality and this seems to fit right in with everything else as we remember more on our infinite journey.

I watched a documentary on George Harrison from the Beatles band the other day and pondered the meaning that became a catalyst for his life of dying properly. Though the documentary didn’t go in great depths about the subject, it did trigger my curiosity. Then as I listened to a coast to coast am show with Drunvalo Melchizedek which was so in sync to my pondering to know more.

Rebirthing and Dying
is Similar Just Different Perceptions

It seems to make sense that if we are constantly rebirthing, we rebirth in a sense from a dream that seemed so real until we awake to realize it was just what we refer to as a dream. We rebirth when we go to sleep as we fall into the dream dimension. Dying in a sense is also a rebirthing into another dimension just as when we rebirth into the third physical dimension or any one of the numerous physical dimensions. So if we see it through how we perceive all these different experiences they can all be in reference to rebirthing.

Any experience that is different than the one we are experiencing in that sense is a rebirthing into another experience. This takes the edge off of being so addictively attached to our physical body and just physical realities.

Correcting Opposite Misperceptions

For most of us on the evolving journey we have learned that everything on this earth dimension is opposite of Infinite Reality. We were conditioned to believe the opposite of our natural infinite reality.

From everything just happens to us to learning to remember that we create our reality. That death is the end to death is just another rebirthing experience that we have done repetitiously just as rebirthing into the earth planes and from dreams and other dimensions that we may wonder upon through imagination’s door or meditation’s intense focusing or just through pure daydreaming.

We are doing these slip slidings of different dimensional experiences all the time but are conditioned so linearly not to notice what is going on.

We were guided and conditioned from our ego personality to judge and everything that aligns in fear’s perception and reactions to realizing that we must work our way through transforming all that fear to love. The more fear we transform and walk through with love, the more we evolve.

So we have been on a journey as the “course in miracles” states, “correcting our errors” through many lifetimes.

How Do You Know what is Really True?

Your Heart will Let You Know. Ask any question and feel the response through your heart as a knowing, resonating of feeling like that aha kind of knowing feeling.

Though it’s also important to realize that if the ego is very strong then that heartfelt resonating might also cause some resistance to overlay the true hearts resonance. However this is usually in the very beginning stages of the journey of remembering or awakening on the infinite journey.

The more we have transformed the ego along the way we are more sensitive and in tuned with what our heart’s resonance.

Evolved Dying is Remembering
to Die without Fear

We know to evolve is to unravel through our experiences to know more about what was unknown to us and become more conscious creators that keep remembering our infinite memories.

Evolved dying may be another part of that misperception we have been conditioned to fear. If you are reading this then it’s also probably a primary purpose in your life to transform all fear to love. It really is the most challenging great work we can do because it goes against all the conditioning we have been taught. And we have so many opportunities throughout each day to continue to do it.

Unraveling the mystery of evolved dying is learning to die without fear. That means when you truly know and have practiced enough of realizing that we do create all of our reality it does continue after we die too. Just as in this life experience we create what we don’t want, usually our worst nightmares to learn how to transform them into blissful loving experiences.

We create what we don’t want to learn to create what we do want, it’s all a part of our practicing and learning to master creating. Loving our enemies and making peace with all that fear, hate and so on is also the biggest opportunities for us to learn more love transforming until we can master it.

So that we can then do it when we pass on from this dimension to the next dimension of death by evolved dying. We don't have to fear death when we realize to remember we have done it so many times already.

We May Have Choices

Evolved Dying or Stop Dying and Evolve Past Reincarnation.

When we have mastered fear, errors of misperception and evolved dying we rebirth to a physical plane and as we remember our primary evolution we may then choose not to die and evolve to the higher dimensions without killing our body. That’s really what we do when we unconsciously choose our death, we either through misperception and out of harmonious alignment create whatever kills us.

If we remember to know all of this then we no longer have to even evolved dying, we may have eternal life with the options of using our body whenever we want or not, it’s can be parked just as we park our physical vehicles we drive around to transport our body to locations. Our physical body is the vehicle for our infinite spirit and soul.

Listen to Drunvalo Melchizedek explain it later in this video. Drunvalo talks about Mayan’s and 2012 in the first part of the video, farther into it he talks about death as 4th dimensional reality and also the Heart as the place that we create from.

Primary Purpose Becomes
Transform Everything to Love

When we finally put everything into the proper infinite perspective we realize that its all about transforming everything to love. This realization becomes the motivation that then transforms to inspirational passion to continue to master being a love transformer with everything and everyone.

When we become to realize also that our heart as Drunvalo goes into detail in the video is where we actually create our reality from and the reason we are so passionate about mastering creating reality. Perfecting it to creating what we want instead of the miscreations of what we don’t want is great practicing we need on our continued journey of evolving. Whether we miscreate and die or evolve to the next level or no dying, the catalyst was and is our awakening to learning to remember in what is referred to enlightenment, ascension.

The greatest thing is as Drunvalo says, that it really doesn’t matter in any judgmental type of way because we are all part of the ONE anyway, and we will all ascend anyway, so relax on your love transformer journey. All will always be fine, and no one is ever left behind. When we really understand this in our heart, soul and spirit that we are all part of that ONE INFINITE SPIRIT, we know we are always covered and protected and loved, no matter what.

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