Mastered Manifestations

Mastered manifestations is what you have or already are conditioned to expect because you accept that reality.  Automatically experiencing reality from what you believe and know to be your truth has embedded within the expectation, and is consistently your manifested experiences of the reality you continually experience.  We do this automatically, what is the most exhilarating is when we have a desire and we recondition our brain and mind to expect what we previously believed was impossible. 

When we do the focusing of intention as what we desire is already experienced inwardly repetitiously until we experience it in our reality is when we prove to ourselves that we did it.  We changed our mind and created what we desired rising above what we previously believed may have been not possible.  That is mastering our manifestations.

Mastered Manifestations 
Changing Your Conditioning

Is it self healing?  Better eyesight?  More synchronicities?  More winning tickets?  Transforming fear or negatives to love?  Forgiveness?  Loving yourself?  These are some examples.  For myself when I look back I come to realize what I now take for granted.  That can easily escape our noticing because we become comfortable and so familiar with the new state of being we have become.  However when we look back in the past to notice that the exact experiences that have become our mastered manifestations were in the past seeming impossible when we were believing from a limited mind.

For me when I look back I realize that when I first started out with the desire to be able to heal myself and trust myself instead of any medical opinions, I was still on shaky ground.  I had a passionate desire to experience something that was at the time still unknown to me, however a passionate urging to continue to experiment and keep my focus on desiring to experience self healing was so overpowering it sustained me through any setbacks that occurred.  I continued to remind myself that when I still experienced no healing it was only because my brain wasn’t yet rewired for it, however it was in the process and the more that I continued, the more it was rewiring through the new programming.  So it did take allot of repetitious focusing work to get to the stage where I could heal myself at my command.  Once I could then it became a natural way of being, and it’s always expected to be that way for me.  I then realized that I have mastered my manifestations of self healing. 

Along with many other reconditioning I experienced through repetitious focused intention, the TIS technique for mastered manifestations, I reconditioned myself to know that I do create my reality and anything is possible.  This continued and I did the same thing with clear eyesight when it was blurred, weather changes and also with switching realities. 

Seeds of Desires that Bloom

When we have a desire, it’s similar to a seed we plant, it can sit there for a long time until we put the focus of attention on it for long periods of time.  An example that pops up in my mind is my desire to live in the country I had for 20 years.  It was just a seed desire that didn't bloom until I put lots of attention on it. 

So that seed of desire sat dormant until I decided, yes, this is what I really want now and I went full steam ahead by putting my focus upon it repetitiously.  Before that there’s wasn't enough passionate force to bloom the seed because it was low on the priority desire list.  It wasn't until it became high on the priority list that it became into bloom, my mastered manifestation.  This is the same with everything we desire, high or low priority makes all the difference of it blooming into mastered manifestation or not.

Read how Osho explains it in this article of being the effect.

What have You Mastered
Changing Your Conditioning?

Now take a deeper look at your mastered manifestations.  To really allow it to register, get a pen and paper and write down a list of your mastered manifestations.  This really gives you more inspiration and confirmation to keep going on the things that still may seem impossible to your belief system or altered ego personality. 

We want to continue to experience what we haven’t experienced yet, instead of the same old experiences that we already now naturally know we can do.

Conditioning Yourself
Greater Mind of Experiences

Once you are finished writing out your list, then write out a list of your desired future mastered manifestations that you desire to experience?  Really think out of the box, maybe it may be teleportation, or sprouting a seed in real time, or winning a big jackpot. 

These types of desires will take peak focusing intentions repetitiously to reconditioning and wire our brain and mind to expect and become that reality inwardly first so it’s reflected and experienced outwardly.  It’s the exact same way you have done everything else up to now in reconditioning yourself to experience the new reality that was unknown to you in the past.  You stayed focused upon it no matter what setbacks occurred, you didn’t give up, you went beyond all doubt to experience what you desired until you experienced it.

Share Your Mastered Manifestation Experiences

What manifestations have you mastered that have now become natural as a result of you conditioning yourself?

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