Realigning the Focus
of Misperception

You can chalk everything to misperception if you are not at peace with everything in your life or not experiencing anything that you prefer to change. If you desire to be at peace with everything but you experience anything in an ego way of not liking it, then there’s resistance which is perceiving in a disharmonious filtered way.

Use emotional affirmations to see your misperception, for your own feedback. It will show how you are out of alignment or if you are in resistance to your desires. It’s a sure quick way to know if and how you are getting in your own way.

What is the Big Mis-perception?

The big error of perception is perceiving that you are not deserving of the divine love that you are already a part of and deserving for anything you still desire. It’s all already there for the receivership and the only thing standing in your way is your unfocused perception of that knowingness. It’s the misperception we are filtering with judgments or tainted conditioning.

We must correct the error as the Course in Miracles states, correct our misalignment of our unworthiness, of our divine nature, of our love for ourselves. When we realign with the truest most loving unconditional perception then there’s not even an issue of errors of perception of not trusting to experience all we could ever desire. It’s all embedded in each one of us already. When we realize that it has been our errors all along it makes it so simple to see the real divine light of our real nature of love.

In this video of the gray box can represent our understanding of how easily and automatically we can be misperceiving through illusions to not see our divine nature in ourselves. The automatic misinterpretations of differences of what is really whole, unified.

Loving our Misperception

Any error of perception will be a result of ego conditioning and illusion perception. So we sure need to accept and love our errors if we desire to perceive with divine grace from our heart and soul to create what I referr as Trinity Impact Shift.

When we really make peace and love all our errors of perception we are in a state of total acceptance and the purest love with no conditions at all.

Infinite Perception

Mis-perception is the opposite of Infinite Perception, though it’s the same coin just different sides of the same coin, or literally the same INFINITE SPIRIT. Just as we are all part of that infinite coin misperceiving what we really are. We are only always a step away from flipping that coin of out of alignment to in alignment in the most loving way of accepting we are part of the whole of love’s creation.

Flipping the coin is switching in every instance that we notice our out of focus perception so that it becomes the most divine natural habit. And that leads us to instant manifestations and becoming more naturally in expecting it. It really is our natural being is to become more uncomfortable with our error of perceptions and being really comfortable with our Infinite Perception, so that all our divine nature can shine through everything.

Adyasshanti speaks about misperceptions

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