Our Past Changes
Dependant on Our Self.
Is It Ever the Same Past Twice?

Past changes let's us go beyond linear perception. As I contemplate about an recent experience I had last week with a friend.  We were talking about tarot cards and I mentioned that the only reading I have ever received was at her home decades ago and it had such a great impact on me because I followed the card reader’s prophecy.  The reader knew exactly everything I was going through.  I was not happy in my marriage and wanted to separate and even the future that I had desired she also mentioned.

At the time I had just become curious about the nature of reality and had only read a couple books.  When I had mentioned this to my friend, she said she didn’t remember that at all and she only had one reading in her life too, but it was not at her home.  I had to wonder what was going on? Past changes is what came through to me, then I also wondered about all past and history and conspiracy theories with past changes and how it all fits together.

How Stable is Your Beliefs in Switching Realities? Having the Experiences Ourselves is the Way to Evolve

 If you have already mastered your beliefs and experiences with shifting realities then this may be quite simplistic to be reading this if you absolutely live it and know it to be your truth. However I felt it important for myself and others who are not yet completely established in the switching realities and we may just need a bit more to tip the belief scale.  It still amazes me how some beliefs are so easy to change yet other beliefs can be so stubborn.  Even though I have experienced many major shifts already in my reality in different situations, this one did trigger me to pause in contemplation about it because of the definitions in illusions of the past.

Then there are others who would just let this go, but I could not let it go.  I had to ponder more about this experience because I knew there was more going on then just not remembering a past that had such an impact on my life changes.

Beware of the Ego Personality

 I thought about parallel realities, as Bashar explains that when we change we literally switch to the parallel earth with different versions of people that are contained in that world.  If that’s the truth then of course this experience would make sense that our past changes. But of course my ego personality likes to pop in and remind me how far out this still seems, even though I have believed it for a few years now and have even used this truth and process for many other of my experiences. It must be some left over residue that is my opportunity to either dismiss or continue to forge on into all this to tip the scale in my belief system to accept whole heartedly this truth of switching realities that contains our past changes.

The old rational belief would dictate that my friend just doesn’t remember, but she has a fantastic great memory or she may have thought the same about me? That’s the old way of thinking and that thinking will keep us stuck also in limited reality. I have also noticed similar experiences with family members and other friends too when recalling some past experiences. Have you noticed this too?

So I find this to be a very important stage in our infinite growth on our journey and this is the reason I am writing a page about it. If we allow these types of experiences to go unnoticed then we could be missing our greatest opportunities to expand in consciousness, especially if this is something that we are so passionate about doing in our life theme. So these pauses in contemplation can really make a difference in supporting new belief systems for our future.

The Past is Infinite Just as Our Future, Noticing the Slight Changes

Did you take it literally when Bashar said, if we don’t take notice of slight changes then we will not realize that we are shifting realities or worlds all the time? I did and I am always on the look out for slight alterations or changes to notice them and then contemplate more of what’s going on. If there is infinite worlds, infinite earths, infinite memories in infinite consciousness with infinite beings, then this really all makes so much sense.

It would imply that the linear past that we once believed was concrete really is our past changes anytime we recall or remember it. That would mean that we are not really remembering a past memory, we are actually creating past changes in this present momentum of now, the same way we are creating our future. 

We would then perceive it as recalling a future however it changes whenever we think of it.  It does take removing our attention on linear ways of perceiving the past and future and instead view it as the eternal now.  We can realize that the past and future is always in a flux of change in every moment depending on our state of being and beliefs in the moment that we are focused upon it.  With all this now being more absorbed we also remove judgments.

Judgment Removed Allows for Past Changes

Going back to my experience with my friend and the tarot card readings, if we stayed in duplicity we would each judge one of us as is correct and the other is wrong.  Selfishly the ego would dictate the one who is judging to judge the other as wrong. To realize our past changes brings more of the pieces together.

When we remove linear perception and perceive it infinitely removed of judgment we would be left with neither is right or wrong.  My friend had her experience with recalling her past changes and I had my experiences with my past changes upon remembering.  Though we are parts of a whole unified consciousness, we are unique in our frames of references in realities too.  This uniqueness is what allows us to have different variations that make life so interesting, so we are neither right or wrong, we are both creating our past and future uniquely depending on our own beliefs and memories.   Read what Seth channeled through Jane Roberts said about changing the past through this link.

Arguing over this experience would only keep us stuck in the ego’s beliefs, just as any blame, judgment or fighting over one side versus the other. Since we are both on the path of evolving we have learned quite well how to allow, accept and expand our consciousness more into the unknown to have these experiences to support our new belief systems.  To become more of our infinite spirit in physical experience. What a peaceful way to evolve and respond as we continue on our infinite journey.

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