DNA Changing Symptoms of Spiritual Growth as You Evolve

Most individuals go through DNA changing symptoms and stages as we grow spiritually and continue to evolve more of our infinite spirit into our embodiment. I didn't realize at the time as i began my spiritual growth of what was going on until i began to research it, thankfully now there's so much more information available. Through my experiences of these stages, symptoms and changes it was so essential to be aware while I learned the differences between misdiagnosing DNA changes through old beliefs of normal illnesses.

We must observe these DNA changing symptoms is a newer way than the old way. I went through many of the them especially in the first few years of my spiritual awakening journey, then the next few years that followed became easier with less and less symptoms. Lengths of time of the stages are different for everyone depending on our individual beliefs, but eventually the body does adjust and you will no longer experience any symptoms as you did in the past.

Infinite Spirit Adjusting to Physical Body

The best most enduring description that helped me along as DNA changing symptoms occurred was realizing that there was more to me then just my body. Once we really comprehend this evolutionary understanding from our spirit, soul and heart that we are an infinite being using our body as our vehicle getting us around in physical reality helps to put the pieces together.

For most of us it takes time and adjustments in our body the more we evolve in this journey. When the ego data of personality is running our lives, it’s like spiritual amnesia, the more we evolve, the more we remember which allows our body to adjust to that remembering memory.

This spiritual memory is in our DNA and not activated or being used until we begin our awakening or remembering our spiritual connection. We may experience many DNA changing symptoms in our body as a result of that growth.

Potential DNA

When DNA was discovered it was assumed that 97% was considered junk and that we were only using 3% of our DNA. We now know that it was never junk, instead it is DNA with evolutionary potential for activation.

As we evolve in consciousness we go through different stages in our body that literally changes and affects the encoding of information in our DNA activating more strands. We could call it divine potential DNA sitting dormant waiting to be activated as we evolve. More unknown information is coming through us from infinite consciousness as we evolve into new knowledge.

Misdiagnosis of Physical DNA Changing Symptoms as Normal Illnesses

Being and staying aware of DNA changing symptoms is really important so that you do not misdiagnose your symptoms as normal illnesses. Doing that will detour you in many ways, especially if you take medication for the symptoms. It is part of the process we go through in our body when we allow more of our infinite spirit to come through.

There are many labels to define this such as kundalini rising, awakening, enlightenment, DNA activation.  More light is penetrating throughout our body through the process of unifying our infinite spirit of awareness in our body. Knowledge about all of this eases the many discomforts, pain or illness that you may go through and is also purifying by clearing the old past emotional build up which is burning up negative cellular memory that's no longer needed for us. The body does adjust itself through the process and allows more trust to be secured through your spiritual growth experiences.

Symptoms of Spiritual Growth, Activating Infinite DNA

I will list DNA changing symptoms that I went through and many more that I have read that others have gone through too. If there are other symptoms or experiences I have not mentioned you can also add to this list by sharing your experiences too below on Have Your Say about what you read.

It's so important to remind ourselves that we are changing from fear based reality consciousness beliefs referred to as ego personality, perceived in separation of the whole into love based reality unified of the whole. Symptoms of fear before breaking through to unified love affects our body as these types of symptoms to finally release through the infinite process.

Flue like symptoms
Sinus infections, colds, dizziness, vertigo, unbalanced, feverish, tired, feeling cold or feeling too hot, which can change from moment to moment, feeling weak, drained, de-energized.

My experiences with vertigo was quite extreme for over a week years ago. It makes sense when we realize that it does seem as if our life is spinning out of control. When our old beliefs that once structured what we valued as truth then collapses our body responds with vertigo. Once we become more balanced, comfortable and in control with infinite consciousness, our body adapts and becomes more stabilized, then the vertigo disappears. Though I have had slight experiences of vertigo along other stages or changing levels of consciousness, but never as extreme as the first one.

Tinnitus, ringing in the ears. I have experienced this off and on for years. It does seem that as we evolve in consciousness into higher levels we are more sensitive and tuning into higher frequencies. So certain high pitch sounds, humming sound that others may not hear, we do. It's like we are becoming a better tuner for receiving higher information then in our past.

I also had this sensation of a liquid periodically dripping down in the back inside of my head and my back for a short period of time. This seemed to occur when I was trying to process knowledge that seemed still too foreign to my old beliefs. However it completely stopped once I became comfortable with the new knowledge that was first intellectual until it became wisdom intelligently.

More DNA Changing Symptoms

Eating less or eating more than usual. Eating food you don’t usually eat. I ate whatever I felt like eating and ate it with loving it instead of judging it as good or bad for me. If I was craving it, I ate it with love thoughts instead of judging old thoughts.

Changes in vision, headaches, migraines, heart palpitations, for me it was so intense that it felt like my heart would burst through my chest.  As our heart center is expanding with more unconditional love.  Muscle pain, muscle cramps. Teeth grinding, feeling sad for no reason, feeling happy for no reason, spontaneous laughter, spontaneous crying, mood swings, sensitive to negativity, sensitive to everything.

Magnified emotions and beliefs, things that wouldn’t normally bother you may really intensify because old emotions are surfacing to now look at that were suppressed and need to be released.  Releasing it in anyway it spontaneously feels to do, crying, laughing, singing, babbling. Magnified happiness, depending on the mood you are in, lots of drama. Withdrawal from others, feeling alone, depression, hopelessness, feel like giving up.

Magnified fear then shifts to spontaneously something amazing occurs and you swing the other way into total trust. It does seem like higher consciousness giving us signs to keep going when we feel like giving up.

It's a great nudge to celebrate chaos by trusting, knowing when we process and get through it by responding blissfully that it's always so worth it all and part of our process.

Floating feeling or sensation may also be experienced from our brain literally disconnecting from our old data of beliefs and rewiring our new experiences.

There may be other symptoms, it’s most important to be aware that though these DNA changing symptoms that may seem as normal illnesses are not, it's all a process of old dissolving and new processes beginning. When we see them in a loving new way by embracing it all, it changes our perception which allows the purifying of past emotional build up. Along with the process of more DNA activating, rising of your vibration to higher frequencies of consciousness is being processed. It’s a result of evolving consciousness of infinite spirit through your body. You may go through less or more as you change your frequencies of your DNA.

You can also check out this link of 57 Ascension Symptoms there are more symptoms on that list, some that I have experienced that I forgot to mention. You may have too.

Different Stages as We Evolve through Changes

I also found different stages as transforming consciousness realities that I went through seem to also coincide with certain DNA changing symptoms too. In the very beginning of my growth or awakening or lifting of spiritual amnesia some symptoms like vertigo, heart palpitations, migraines and a feeling like I was actually going crazy was very intense for weeks.

I’d also like to mention that I didn’t take any medication during the process, and didn’t seek any medical advice either. I did it all naturally, and this is the reason knowledge about the process is so important if you are going through it alone. If you are taking any medication, I can't offer any guidance about that, it be best to research information about medication and how it affects the body through awakening or kundalini rising.

In the video/audio below has allot of great information about kundalini and the reasons why taking medication is not beneficial and can even be dangerous because this cosmic infinite energy force changes our body and medication no longer works as it would normally before awakening.

We must remind ourselves that this is part of the process of DNA changing symptoms and we must relax in the knowing and trust that all the symptoms do become less and eventually disappear. The feeling of losing your mind, or going crazy makes more sense because you are expanding your rational beliefs and going into unknown territory. The old beliefs are actually dying and new beliefs are forming and I found was the result of spontaneous sadness and crying. It’s as if we are grieving our old self and it can feel as if we are dying in a sense while the new self is being formed.

So in the beginning of your first few years the stages are so much more intense. The more years of evolving, the less intense the stages and the DNA changing symptoms too, until you eventually get to a point that a symptom so easily processes without much interruption in your life.

Emotional Blockages in Your Body

The reason we become stuck in certain areas of our lives and experience pain, discomfort and illness symptoms is from stored cellular memories that created emotional build up in certain areas of our body. The same process we use to deliberately create an image with emotion to charge that creates memories to record for creating a desired reality to experience works the same way for everything. When we react and engage in any throught, circumstances or situation with emotions, it is recorded in cellular memory of our body.  If it's traumatic or negative and not dealt with it will surface to be released.

Any experience that we have or had in the past that had an emotional charge creates a memory. The memory becomes stored in our body adding more emotional build up until we release it by clearing it.

Whether it was a great happy experience or a very fearful experience, whatever the experience was and if it had an intense emotion with it, it has been recorded. And this adds to DNA changing symptoms that is magnified. So we can narrow it down to perceive it in two categories, fear or love.

So any experience that was emotional love based are beneficial memories, the more we create and store the better it is for us. It’s the fear memories that become blocked that are the ones that need the clearing because they are creating the emotional blockages in the body attached with an association expanding more DNA changing symptoms to magnify.

Depending on the challenges we have presently in our lives will be because of a unconscious awareness of an emotional build up. A good analogy is to think about washing dishes that are filled with lots of grease. Try to clean a greasy dish with just cold water, it just swooshes the grease around, but doesn’t dissolve to come clean. Now run hot water over the greasy dish and the hot water quickly dissolves the grease and the dish becomes clean. If we use this analogy to realize that emotional fear build up in the body is like grease on a dish, then adding more fear reactions only builds up more emotional build up. If we clean the emotional build up by being aware is always the first key, and notice what thoughts pop up when we are triggered from different experiences in our lives. EFT, tapping is one way, hooponopono, there all many techniques.

Illness is the end result of the emotional build up finally affecting our body as way to communicate to clear it up. As we go through our journey of evolving spirit in our body, many of these emotional build ups become worse to really get our attention and clear them once and for all. This awareness and realization is a big powerful start in itself because you are then able to put your focus now on the areas of your body that needs the clearing.

That’s the reason many teachers say, if money isn’t flowing to us, there’s a block or build up, if love isn’t flowing to us, there’s a build up, if there’s pain or discomfort there’s a build up. That’s the reason that DNA changing symptoms magnify, once we finally put our attention on it and work on clearing those emotional build ups we will notice the illness disappear. Our body lets us know by how we are feeling.

The Benefits of DNA Changing Symptoms Process Unified

As you go through DNA changing symptoms and stages we will notice many paranormal extrasenory abilities also as an evolving symptom that is the greatest of experiences. When we move through our DNA changing symptoms and processes for extraordinary living by activating more of our evolved DNA everything is no longer perceived in fear, and is now perceived of infinite love. The reason DNA changing symptoms then disappear. You notice appreciation and bliss becomes more magnified in your life than ever before.

You notice what in your past seemed crazy or impossible is now possible because you are tuned into higher consciousness, the quantum field of infinite memories. You are absorbing new knowledge to become your wisdom through your experiences and more and more infinite knowledge will also come to you in different ways. It’s all a continuous process of your evolution while transforming many symptoms to be fully healed.

In this video Sri and Kira explain everything so fabulously about symptoms of ascension/awakening.

Share Changes or Symptoms that You Have Experienced

Have you experienced any symptoms or changes while going through your spiritual enlightenment as you evolve?

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