Trinity Impact Shift

Trinity Impact Shift or short form, TIS is aligning your 1. physical body, which includes all your body cells, brain, heart, nervous system, and ego personality to connect with 2. infinite spirit to create the most beneficial of highest potential synchronized state of being. Deliberately with awareness to shift to the reality dimension you want to be experiencing which also affects your 3. Soul imprint.

All in one powerful momentum.

So doing TIS can literally shift your reality to the reality you prefer to be in. Whether you believe in reality shifting or not doesn’t even matter because either way you will be empowered to be in the state of being that you always prefer to be in. You will be constantly releasing old unwanted data too. By creating the state of being you prefer to be in and utilizing everything synchronized and instantaneous impacting all of your combined energy creating an impactful vortex shift.

The TIS technique is something I have coined and have been doing for a couplle years. Trinity Impact Shift is an instantaneous combination of an emotional affirmation, and being at peace with everything, while working from our heart which brings us into a empowered infinite state of being and a clear connection to infinite spirit.

How to Do the Trinity Impact Shift

Whatever it is you want to change STOP right in the moment that you notice what you want to change, it could be anything big or small, it doesn’t matter. I will use an example of let’s say another person is talking to you but you don’t like the way they are talking, let’s say it’s very negative. Let’s also presume that we are actually switching realities every second and the other person is constantly switching to our perceptional version depending on our energetic field. That energetic field is an accumulation of our own beliefs, programming and expectations.

As the person continues to talk, that is when you stop, similar to a pausing moment and get into your own zone of focusing, where you are calm and at peace.  You know how you’d prefer them to be speaking and the words you’d rather hear in a loving way then a negative way.

In that stopping pause focus, you imagine exactly how you would prefer to hear them speak just for a few pure unaltered focused imagining. Connecting that pausing focus with your heart feeling and preferred thoughts as you imagine, so you are feeling it as it being so real. Then let it go and allow your attention to go back to the person talking while staying in an aware state so that you will notice the slight changes.

I have done this with my mate and many family members off and on for a couple of years, and have noticed incredible changes. Some changes instantly, some changes took longer but being in peak awareness by continually doing it and watching for the changes has showed me with amazing feedback that it works.  While at the same time we are also working on transforming our self too.

I Have Labeled and Made it a Technique

I am labeling this technique I’ve been using as TIS, Trinity Impact Shift, so that I can share my experiences with you so that you can try it out at least for a month consistently to experience your own reality shifts for yourself. It’s most amazing to experience instant shift to versions you’ve imagined and let go and then experience right in the moment you do it.  After having so many experiences of my own proof of it working, I was excited to share it with you too.

So as I said previously, whether you believe in reality shifting and other versions of others or not doesn’t’ matter because what you are doing is really great evolving spiritual work on yourself. Anything that we transform from negative to love is always right on the path to correcting old data programming of beliefs within ourselves.

So we are using the external perceptions we are experiencing as our mirror to change, switch that automatically cleans up old junky unwanted negative memories we have still inside ourselves. So it’s ultimately beneficial in every way.

Do the Trinity Impact Shift
on Everything and Everyone

If your computer is running slow, do TIS, Trinity Impact Shift.  I have done it with almost anything I have come in contact with that is out of harmony with my natural love beingness. Because if we are affecting everything by our own energy fields, then I figured I’d experiment with everything, and as I did, I would see changes in the effectiveness seems to mirror my own inner energy at any time something isn’t working in a top notch way it should. My energy affecting it, so that was my sign to do what I am referring to now as TIS. 

If you have twisted spoons, it’s the same kind of experience when you feel the metal transform to soft putty. You will experience your perception of the object or person or situation become like flexible softened matter and experience the change just as you imagined it.

Share Your Experiences of Trinity Impact Shift

Have you experienced shift changes from doing the Trinity Impact Shift Technique? If you have share them with us.

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