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Creating Time Instead of Being Controlled by it?
December 01, 2013

Light and Free, Allowing the Whimsical to Guide You Along

Hello it’s fabulous to connect with you again as we are coming nearer to the end of 2013 and we have so much to look forward to with 2014 being another great continuum of the present shift that’s occurring.

Have you been experiencing more higher consciousness flow of ideas and information popping into your awareness? Ideas of thoughts that seem even more leading edge, way out of the box kind of ideas that seem to hang around or keep popping up? That’s what I have been experiencing and because we are on this enlightenment evolving journey at this part of our life experiences, this is becoming more normal for us.

Do you also find that what follows is experiences that validate the advanced higher knowledge for your own proof is occurring faster than in the past? Below I share some of my experiences and do share any of yours too by submitting your experiences or insights on the webpages.

Time Alterations and My Experiences

Do you still experience yourself being enslaved to time? I have had quite a few experiences of time altering to be the opposite of what old beliefs and conditioning offers in explanations, and have experienced time to be the absolute opposite. Time seemed to be created in alignment with my desire instead of time controlling me. Read more on time alterations

Simplest Weight Loss and Health Ever

I also wanted to share my experiences with the most simplest weight loss and sustained weight that I’ve ever experienced, it’s so easy and simple with no effort at all. You may have already experienced the same thing but those who have not, I wanted to mention it because it’s the greatest experience to eat whatever you want and still be light as a result from letting go of the past and living totally in the present moment in peace daily. Simplest Weight Loss

Incarnation Levels

On this page I just wanted to discuss some ideas about reality and evolution that I came upon and resonated with to share with you in case it may be something that resonates with you too. Some of these ideas about reality I did come across throughout the years through different cultural traditional values, however didn’t really comprehend allot of it until I was ready and then had experiences with my cat that validated it for me in regards to incarnations before human life. Incarnation Levels

Why are Many Species Dying?

Have you noticed and come across news headlines of birds, cows, different animals, mammals and even people dying in greater numbers? I wondered about what could be going on and came across some answers that resonated with me, and it has to do with this shift we are going through and the importance of keeping your immunity strong by continuing this path of evolving expanding consciousness. Dying Species There's a few new things I came across that you can check out also on the What's New Page.

may the month of December be filled with lots of joy, prosperity, love and daily synchronicities to shine through while you continue to live each day of your highest potential while more of your desires manifest quicker too.
Infinitely Anna

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