Simplest Weight Loss
The New Way

It is the most natural way I have ever experienced of the simplest weight loss by just staying on my infinite journey of enlightenment.  By being true to myself and letting go of all the old heavy baggage energy of the past. 

Living in the past by reacting in old ways not only keeps us stuck but we also carry the old energy that goes along with it in our body.  And as I continually responded to everyone and everything in the new ways of being, weight released naturally without any effort.

The Challenging Hard Old
Way of Losing Weight

Since I was a teenager I always had a weight problem and had to watch what I ate and did a exercise work out daily.  For a couple decades I had bumped up my work outs to over two in a half hours a day, six days a week and became an exercise instructor for a few years in helping others to look and feel better.  

Even after I began this infinite journey of enlightenment I continued to work out up until about five years ago because I began using my focused intentional thoughts instead of long hard work outs to experience this simplest weight loss. 

Rewriting Your Script

I am quite sure that you have done this for so many areas in your life when you had intentions and wanted to change and probably also came upon the best way to do that is by rewriting your script.  I have continuously done that too.  As we perpetually update our new scripts they are present affirmations of the new story we have already envisioned or desired for our future that we then keep our focus upon long enough until our life becomes that way.

You may also have read in this website about my experimenting of thinking before I ate or drank anything. I give my own desired intentional commands for my body to absorb as new information for my body to respond with, In other words rewriting the data as a command. 

Though it took a lot of repetitious affirmations and focused thought until my body took on the new commands of the new script I wrote for myself, now I am experiencing the benefits of it all.  It works, and is the most simplest weight loss I have ever experienced.   

Becoming and Living our True
Infinite Potentials
Creates the Simplest Weight Loss

This whole journey for most of us is to become the master of our reality by getting to really know who we really are, and then live it all the time, being deliberate creators while evolving lovingly.  Our desired manifestations become simpler and easier as we retain more and more memories of our successes.   

As we also share our experiences with the intention that others may benefit from it on their journeys is also being of some kind of service to others.  Bit by bit we are creating the new world, new advanced human species of beings that we may have purposefully desired to become throughout our evolutionary processes of lifetimes.

Letting Go of the Past and Living Presently
Being True to Ourselves

The simplest weight loss I have been experiencing is that I have released almost 30 pounds so effortlessly compared to the old way of intense work outs and watching what I ate.  The new me just carried on the infinite journey and lived it daily with everyone I encountered and with every situation. 

 In every moment of staying in peak awareness and responding as my true natural self, no more storing or hiding my feelings.  I was no longer reacting from the past, so I was and am no longer carrying around any heavy energy.  Literally and in every sense I just feel light and free all the time and it doesn’t matter what I eat. 

When I eat anything that has been in the past defined as junk food, I automatically bring the food to its neutral zero point energy state of having no meaning at all and insert the meaning that I give it which is, this is good for me, adds nutrient to my body, and creates a high fast metabolism.  So that has become my food blessings with everything I eat. 

I have continued consistently to live in the present powerful perpetual momentum with everything.  If I felt angry, I dealt with it when it came up and let it go, transformed it back to love and did the same with any old emotions that were triggered until eventually I had less and less triggers of reacting of the past.  So I no longer carried any heavy energy weight and this is how it made this the simplest weight loss ever for me and experiencing what in the past i didn't realize was possible.

Now it has become so natural to respond without old triggers because the new way of responding continued to feel better and better.  And feeling better of course has all the benefits for us, so that in itself has all the inspiration needed to passionately be that way. 

This Works for Everything

Whether your desire is to experience the simplest weight loss or if you desire to gain weight, or become shorter in height or increase your height, create strong lean muscles, it doesn't matter.  Whatever your intentional desire is, all it takes is a new script, focusing and living that script daily and then experiencing the results of it.  Simple and easy. 

 To be able to eat when and what I want and stay slim and healthy without any effort except living blissfully because it feels so great, so freeing, so peaceful and staying in this state without any detours from the past allows for easier and quicker manifestations too. 

No matter what is going on around me now I am able to respond of my highest nature.  Anything that was in my past defined as tragic, negative or of a low energy is no longer seen in that way, it’s all opportunities to evolve, grow and expand more.

Have An Experience About Simple Weight Loss?

Share your experiences with easy weight loss or any other experience that you have had that is different than you have done in the past

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