Incarnation Levels
from Higher
Resonance of Evolutionary Growth

Incarnation levels from higher resonance is not only being open to higher consciousness information but also be willing to allow the new experiences of what we have resonated with leading edge information. 

In Hindu and some other cultures, and in the Law of One information, reincarnation expands not only in regards to humans but expands the bigger picture.  With different levels we incarnate in our evolutionary growth as time travelers, or spiritual beings choosing to experience not only human experiences to evolve but what about the levels before becoming human? 

Perceiving only human evolution may still be staying inside a box of ideas about the nature of reality.  By expanding our knowledge and infinite contemplations when we come across information that is new to us as different incarnation levels than just human, it expands ourselves to more unity too because we open ourselves up to everything in an exuberant flow, leaving nothing out of the mix.

Incarnation Levels

I have found information from different sources in regards to different incarnation levels of reality and densities, first starting with 1st density of minerals.  Second density is animals and third is humans. 

As we go higher into 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8 levels in density’s or dimensional realities there are higher and higher realities where polarity, negative and positive are no longer a part of those higher realities.

More of the population of our density has been opening themselves up to higher consciousness and passionately working on evolving as many in 3rd incarnation levels shifting into 4th density incarnation levels of reality.

Though it seems many of us may already be what law of one defines as 6th density harvester wonderers because we are living our wisdom of love as our catalyst, and living more from the heart through everything.

Animals and Their
Evolutionary Purpose and Growth
on Their Incarnation Levels 

I want to share my experience with one of my cats, her name was originally Lightening, however I changed it a couple of years ago to Light because her sibling Thunder and son Stormy had passed so since she was the only one left of the three cats I felt renaming her Light was better for her and I.  As she was at the end of her life with us, Light and I became closer than I ever had with any other of my pets in the past. 

Our telepathy together was so amazing and so natural.  For one example, I would be in bed and Light would be downstairs and I would think and imagine her jumping on my bed, and within a few seconds, she would come upstairs and jump on the bed.  There are way too many examples to write here but our telepathy and communication between each other was so incredible.

 If you are also really close to your pets and have the same kind of communication and telepathy, you know what I mean.  Now to the really interesting part of what I am sharing with you.  A couple weeks before Light passed away I came across (attracted or synchronized) a David Wilcox video as he was discussing the Law of One channeling and information about different levels of evolution, so I searched Law of One to get more information about what David had mentioned and found this website of Q&A from Law of One.  

The information about how animals are 2nd density level and if their next incarnation is to experience their evolution of becoming a human then we will experience the animal to behave more as a human in their present animal incarnation as our pet.  I did have to really contemplate and ponder the idea to really comprehend it, and the information really resonated with me and became to make more and more sense.  And so many pieces also came together especially after the experience I had with my cat Light in her last few days before she passed away.

Pet Lovers,
Communication and Telepathy 

If you are a pet lover and have pets that you are so close to then you will understand and probably resonate with this information if it’s new for you too.  I actually sat with Light and talked, contemplating out loud and we were actually sharing telepathy about it all too.  I would ask her is it true, this information I came upon, do you know this?  These types of contemplations. 

Our cat Light was sitting in one of her favorite chairs in the window staring outside and I sat beside her and began petting her and she looked into my eyes and our hearts connected.   I asked her seriously now, “is it true that you have to die and that you have worked during your incarnation as our cat and perfected your evolutionary abilities to the point of mastering so that you could go on to your next incarnation levels to come back and be born as a human.  She looked away and then looked right into my eyes, then she lifted one of her paws and put it on my hand, then lifted her other paw and put in on my hand.  Everything of her being and heart was saying and showing me Yes, it’s true.

 So if your pet is more like a human to you, they may also be on the same evolutionary path for their next incarnation too.

Light’s Passing or Transition 

After this we continue to communicate about how I must also let her go so that she can evolve to her next incarnating journey as a human.  Though it was so challenging I knew I had to.   It was a Saturday and I had to go out for the day but before I left she told me it was going to be really soon,, like that day. 

When I arrived home both my partner and I both knew that night was the night she was going to pass and she was on a favorite chair in the living room, my partner and I sat with her.  I could hear Light telling me and my partner that he had to let her go and that’s why it was taking longer than she desired it to.  So I told my partner what I heard and he finally let her go and within minutes of him doing that, she passed away.  We found a great spot on a hill on our land and buried her together with emotional sobs and tears I told her out loud to give me a sign in the next couple days.


Light did give us signs because the next day as we drove an hour drive to the city and on our way back, we have never in our lives seen and came across so many cats along the road running around.  Usually we see other animals but this day and night drive it was all cats.  We both laughed and agreed that Light truly gave us a signs, she’s on her way to bigger and better evolution, higher incarnation levels if she is becoming human this time round.

My Infinite
Intuition and Contemplation

After this experience I started to wonder about myself and humans and the Law of One information.  I started to wonder about myself and if I actually had gone through incarnations levels as an animal in past lives and continually felt the answer was yes.  And would make sense why I am so compassionate and empathetic to all birds, animals, 2nd density beings and even insects too. 

Then I wondered about all humans and our incarnation levels and if this is a big part of how we all evolved into human beings as a species.  This may sound so mundane and of course to anyone who already believes in evolution this way, however for myself I have never really considerate it or to think more about it all until I heard David Wilcox talk about it.

It changed so much and expanded my consciousness is incredible ways that of course allowed even more infinite information to come through consistently about different levels of incarnation and much more information.  In the unity, oneness of everything and though there are different evolutionary levels, in the purest nature of reality there are no divisions or separation or judgments.  It’s all for evolving growth and evolving towards love, so it was making more and more sense for me.

I could not help but wonder once our cat Light incarnates as a human and if we reconnect knowing this higher wisdom, we may also become best of friends.  I also wondered about some actual humans I know presently who may have also been second density animals that have incarnated and this is their first human incarnation.  It sure did leave me pondering more about everything.

Higher Level Beings

As we go higher in incarnation levels, higher in density dimensions of realities, we become to know more and realize and have more control of our personal reality, the stages many of us are at now.  

As the density go up further there is no duality of negative or positive, it just becomes more pure love and light.  As ascended masters have already evolved and are experiencing on their journeys, being of more service to others and having total control over their reality.

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