Dying Species
Is Occurring in Great Numbers

Many different dying species have been reported in great numbers of birds dying, cows and many different species of animals, mammals and many more humans too.  I have been pondering and wondering about what is going on throughout the world in the past couple of years and it seems like it has increased even more lately. 

As we have all experienced, when we wonder and ask the question, it is not long before the answer comes into our awareness for us to understand more of what we need to know.  

So my wondering about all these different varieties of species on our planet that are being reported of dying in great numbers kept surfacing to know the reasoning for it.  I also wondered about cancer and heart attacks being another major reasons for many deaths in the past decade or more.

News Headlines
A Variety of Dying Species

The first time I seen the news headline of hundreds to thousands of birds dying throughout the world started to get my attention.  In the link article we can see that lots of investigations began and also theories of what may be going on.  All you have to do is an internet search and you are able to find many headlines of different animals, mammals of dying species around the world. 

Shortly after more news headlines were reported of more and different dying species in great numbers, and more and more deaths of humans at every turn, even closer to home for me when it was family members mostly with cancer dying.  Curiosity was in over flow of what the heck is going on?

Answers and Reasons
for so Many Dying Species

As the nature of reality goes, I came across David Sereda’s interview on Gaiam TV website and he answered all my pondering and questions about all these different dying species and what is actually going on. 

In the simplest and shortest answer is that we are going through a major shift in consciousness collectively and the streaming of new higher radiating energy that is streaming through and engulfing our planet is having an effect on different species if their bodies are not immune to it.

 Radiation is at high levels not only from the stream flow from our solar system but also from the Japan’s tsunami and the nuclear plants affects and others that have sped into the oceans, and radiation in small doses from all of our technology.

 The radiation that is streaming from other planets and our galaxy into our planet is altering the energy of our planet as it goes through its changes as IT is rising in consciousness. 

Listen to David Sereda explain about dying species.

Through this link you can listen to the audio interview.  The best interview was on the GaiamTv website, you can register and have a free month by going to their website. The link will take you to the small clip teaser interview.

The Importance and Benefits
of Our Enlightenment Journey

So this enlightenment journey we are on has so many benefits from all we have gone through and learned through our evolution so far because our bodies are and have become immune to higher radiation as a result of our great work in progress, our body has already taken in or transformed much higher and lighter DNA activation.  So we are radiating more energy and light crystals throughout our body from the great work we have been doing all along.

We will find this to occur periodically I would think as we continue our journey as we continue to evolve that everything we do to follow our infinite journey has many hidden purposes and bigger potentials than we may even realize for anything that occurs along our paths in the future.  It’s like a win win all the way, everything for us takes care of itself as long as we continue our path of infinite evolution.

More Immunity
Mastering Reality Too

So we become and are immune to high levels of radiation compared to normal non evolving individuals that are not immune and die of cancer and other diseases that break up the DNA and nervous system in our body.  However there is also their own purposeful journey they are going through in their own incarnation levels of growth too. 

All depending on individual attitudes, thoughts beliefs and reactions aligned with evolved intentions is what keeps us evolving to become more and more immune to anything that comes our way.   Eventually we will also become aware of how to shift instantly with consciousness intention and come to realize that the old reality has changed to mirror our intentions of a safer and peaceful reality environment.  

It does seem that first we learn, practice and master our self then we learn, practice to master the bigger reality.  Eventually and along the way more and more bigger higher consciousness pieces and incarnation levels all come together for our higher understanding and newer reality experiences.

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.