Time Alterations Experiences

Experiences of Time Being Malleable

Time alterations can be more fun and exciting from creating your own experiments.  Though I didn't intend in advance to experiencing altering time that day, though I have been pondering the reality of time.  And I did think about if I could shift to a reality that I was early, or on time, and not late.  I now see the benefit from being late that day because I was able to use it as another opportunity to stay blissful and peaceful through it too.

I was late when I left my home for the 50 minute drive to my parents to pick up my mother and do some errands that also had time appointments.  I was really late, I should have been at my parents by the latest 9am, but I left my home at 8:35am.  Though I was late, I was in a blissful joyful mood or state of being, and felt whatever will be will be.  I felt there was no use sweating it out with any stress, as I already know that stress just creates energy of delays that would make me later.

As I blissfully drove, I felt so light and still carefree, even though I looked at the time and it was now 8:40.  The road that usually takes 10 minutes or more from my home to get to the town, yet I arrived it in 5 minutes time.  I still had over a 45 minute drive to get to my parents, so I just let go of the outcome, and continued to think about connecting to my higher self and saying some great affirmations. 

Light and Lifted Feelings

As I was driving I began feeling even lighter and carefree. As I continued to looking at the vehicle clock it seemed as if the time was not moving, like it was standing still.  There were also a few times when I actually experienced my vehicle feeling lifted, like it was actually floating along so effortlessly.  The rest of the drive to my parents was so surreal, light and enjoyable, with the clock still seeming to hardly move ahead in time.

I arrived at my parents at 9:01am, and was so blown away and amazed of what had occurred.  All it took me according to the clock time was 25 minutes to drive a normal 50 minute drive?  Wow, truly this was another of the most amazing experiences.  The other errands and appointment all fell into the same sync flow that I was on time for everything.   

More Contemplation
of Time Alterations

Later in the afternoon when I drove home I began contemplating what may have occurred in my time alterations experience and the experience felt like I was no longer enslaved to time. 

For awhile, I have been pondering allot about time.  Through these experiences time seemed so lucid and flexible.  That we can be more conscious and in control of time, instead of letting it control or being enslaved to time. 

More Time Alterations Experiences

The next day I went to the city which is normally a 55 or more minute drive, and I had the same time alterations experience of feeling light, free and my vehicle floating and lifted along.  Again I was late, and the time on the clock stood still at times, and also stopped going ahead for long periods.  I arrived to my city destination 25 minutes earlier than any normal drive would have been. 

So amazed I was again to have the time alterations experience, and another after that one too.  I just couldn’t deny what I was experiencing.  When I told my son, I could tell that he had no idea what I was talking about.  So I didn’t mention it to anyone else except for a couple email friends that are in sync in this same journey.  And of course I am sharing my time alterations experiences with you, because I also know that you will be interested and may want to experiment with time too. 

If you have had similar time alterations experiences then you do know what I am trying to describe about it.  If you have not, it may just peak your own curiosity to experiment with time alterations and experience the amazement and proof for yourself.  

Time was Experienced as Being
Created in the Moment

The information that came through to me, especially as it was occurring was that I didn't have to be enslaved to time or space.  Because time is the same as anything else, we are creating it moment to moment depending on our intentions and focusing.  Whether by shifting of realities to my intentional preferences, or that time has actually worked in sync for me, so there were two possibilities.

What it actually felt like with each alteration of time experiences was that time was actually being created in the momentum of space.  Like space was actually moving in accordance to my desired intention to stay blissful and arrive on time without any rushing or speeding.  Time was just as flexible as space, and I was creating it as I went along by my intention of how I desired to experience reality.

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