How You Feel Means Everything!

I am again grateful for us to get together through this e-zine and I hope you are feeling empowered, but if you are not, then maybe I can help you with this reminder. Which is the main teaching of Abraham, to be aware of how we are feeling because our feelings are the end result or creations from what we’ve been thinking about. Using self awareness as reminders that we really are such powerful beings!

So <> how are you feeling most of the time?

Knowing or being aware of how you are feeling is the most important self awareness to continue to take notice upon. If you are feeling great then you’re on the infinite being flow, but if your are not then it’s your ego flow.

It sometimes seems easier to notice how others are feeling then to notice it in our own self. However since it’s a reflection of our own perception then we can also know that we attracted whatever the other is feeling from what we were vibrating.

This is where the skill of observation or self awareness is important. When we create it to be a practice of being self aware of how we are feeling, then many times we can stop the domino affect of negativity to spiral. If we become depressed then we have already spiraled. Or if we are noticing a lot of manifesting of things we don’t want we have already spiraled into the ego direction.

Though we can turn it around anytime, sometimes it’s more challenging once we’ve spiraled. We can do it easier before it spirals into the negative through our self awareness to realize that we were choosing automatically from ego instead of our infinite being or higher self.

I love Bruce Lipton’s quote, “We can’t be in growth and protection at the same time.” You can check out his video on my ego page

Remind yourself to be aware of how you are feeling more often so you can then easily change it to be the way you prefer to feel instead of on automatic pilot of the ego. Once you become to master high vibrational feelings of bliss, faith and knowing, then it will feel uncomfortable when you are not in that high vibe of feeling.

You are worth it!
When you know it! Nothing is impossible for you!
Light & Infinite Love Anna Antoski

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