Ego or Infinite Being

Our Ego or Lower Vibrational Frequencies

Our ego is the collection of memories that we have stored in our subconscious and is infinite in dimension when we consider that when we keep our focus whether aware of it or not in that lower memories we then access into social consciousness. Social consciousness is the infinite dimension of continuous thoughts of lower vibrational frequencies from everyone infinitely that we perpetually recycle and use.

Ego ... Low Vibrations Consciousness


So when we entertain those lower vibes for any length of time we are then being influenced by our ego. It's the doorway that leads to infinite rooms (dimensions) of similar thoughts and it can go on endlessly through the lower vibrations of consciousness.

Our ego was designed when we come into our physical embodiment for the purpose of allowing us to be aware, to keep us out of danger, alert us so that we can keep our of harms way sort of thing. However it became engrossed as through human history with all the conditioning of fear. Fear became a way to keep the mass population in control. We all can realize that when we use fear tactics we then have the ability to control another if the other is living from those lower dimensions of thoughts and beliefs.

The simplest thing to know is to perceive ego as low vibration collection of memories of consciousness. Compared to infinite being as a higher vibration.

Infinite Being … Higher Vibrational Frequencies

When we come to the realization that our body is only a vehicle for our infinite being or source then we can easily grasp it all in a bigger picture of what reality is. Our infinite being, our connection to the Source of All That Is, God, Universe, whatever label you may use is All That Is and is infinitely expanding using our linear perception of infinite is as close as we can come to understanding as much as we possibly can.

So our Infinite Being will influence to lead us in directions that will be for our higher purpose, however from our ego's perception many times it just may not make sense. However when we go by how we feel it makes it much simpler and easier.

Our Infinite Being is not bound to linear physical dimensions as our physical brain or body is, it sees beyond into infinity, into all past, present and future, so it is the best guider for us. It’s the old lower programs that separates us from our infinite being, once we realize that we can easily by awareness and observation connect or be guided much easier.

Infinite Being ... Higher Vibration Consciousness

knowing surpassing believing
expecting the best becomes normal
Quite the differences of feelings from lower to higher vibrations.

Using a Pane of Glass as an Analogy of Illusions of our Infinite Being v/s Ego

Our infinite being is never really separated except through the illusion that it is which our old programs seems to convince us of. Using the analogy of a pane of glass just came to my mind to use. When silver is applied to one side of a pane of glass then we only see our reflection, however if there is no silver applied to the glass then it’s a window that we can see through.

Illusion can be like the glass, whether with silver applied or no silver.
If we are guided mostly by our ego then we only see reflections of consciousness, like the glass with the silver lining that gives us a reflection back to us as limited social consciousness dimension. But if we remove that silver so that it is just a plain glass, window to see through, in other words remove the illusions of separation then we see through it and can perceive more of what’s really going on, what other dimensions are available to us.

By merging the ego bit by bit so that it becomes more comfortable with the whole of it all, we are dissolving the silver bit by bit. It’s like the kundalini experience, bit by bit it becomes easier and comfortable however to open it up all at once will be quite a challenging uncomfortable experience.

So how do we Become to know the Difference
from our Ego’s Guidance
Compared to our Infinite Being Guidance?

Simply How We Feel is always our own indication of what vibration we are on or heading towards. If we don’t feel very good then we’ve been allowing our old programs to influence us, whether we are aware or not, it’s the way it seems to become. Being aware really does make all the difference.

If you find it a challenge in getting to better feelings it’s only because we created it to be a habit to feeling down or lower frequencies of emotions. Practice is what it takes to make it a habit, especially when we are more habitual to be guided by our automatic old programs for such a long time because blissful feeling may feel uncomfortable at first.

If we are feeling good, then we are being influenced by our infinite being. Every master teacher teaches feeling good is our best indication of our Source or infinite spiritual self. That really does make it so much simpler then trying to weed everything out or trying to be aware of our thoughts all the time. Just by noticing how we are feeling in any moment shines the light on what we were thinking about and is the awareness and opportunity to then change how we feel by thinking better thoughts.

I love the way Bruce Lipton explains it, we can't be in protection and growth at the same time. Protection can be referred to as the ego and growth can be referred to as the infinite being.

In this video Bruce Lipton explains protection and growth.

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