The Practice of Seeing Through Cards gives You Great Feedback

I wanted to share with you this month more about Feedback and a great practice of seeing through a deck of cards.

We can use everything as feedback because however we are perceiving, will be our own feedback to ourselves. Just as a mirror can do the same thing for us, it will always be about how we perceive and what we think about the reflection that matters literally. That will be what is creating our next moments and future.

How often do you notice your feedback throughout your day?

Feedback is important because it allows us to notice how we are changing, whether it’s the difference in our reactions to situations or other people. Or in our timing of our manifestations and how many desires we are manifesting that we want instead of what we do not want.

Feedback will show us anything we need to help us along as we create what we want.

A great feedback that I have come across from a Ramtha discipline used in Ramtha’s school is seeing through playing cards. It can show us how off we are from our present moment in our hours of our day by showing us our level of focusing and many other feedbacks to assist us in our journey we are creating.

In the book “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” author Roald Dahl, one of the chapters is a wonderful story about a man named Henry Sugar who eventually masters reading through a deck of playing cards and how it changes his attitude and life.

Have you heard of or ever practiced seeing through a deck of cards?

If not you may want to check out my page on seeing through the cards, what it can teach us and the feedback it can give us. Just go to mastering cards and read more about the practice of cards and Henry Sugar. Remember to become a masterful creator, using all feedback in your life will speed you along.

Have a great holiday and manifesting month of July, and remember, You Are Worth It, Always!

And may your days unfold in the creations you desire and deserve.
Lots of love, enlightenment and bliss… Anna

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