Mastering Cards is
The Practice of Seeing Through
52 Playing Cards

If you have already practice seeing through and mastering cards then you already know the great reflection of the practicing it can give us. The cards will show you so much about yourself. If you are not familiar with mastering cards, you will be amazed at the practice and feedback cards can show you.

About Henry Sugar and Mastering the Cards

In the book “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” author Roald Dahl, one of the chapters is a wonderful story about a man named Henry Sugar who practices mastering to eventually seeing through a deck of 52 playing cards and how it changed his attitude and life. It is a fantastic heart felt story.

Seeing Through Cards

The practice is using a deck of 52 playing cards face down so that the suits and numbers are not seen, then one by one you practice on predicting or creating the card to be what you seen in your mind. Once you get the knowing vision or feeling, you lift the card to see if it is a match.

It is not guessing!

This is very important because you do not want to cheat yourself out of the lessons and feedback that it will give you when you do it properly.

It is about the Feedback

It is about the practice and feedback mastering cards reflects back to you and your level of FOCUSING. Just as we do for any desire we want manifested, we quiet our mind and focus our intention, see it as we want it to be. We do the same thing with the cards, allow the card to show itself to you in your mind and then when you feel or get that knowing feeling, turn over the card.

If you were right on then it will show you how in the present moment you were and also your feedback for your trusting level of expectations too.

So do not rush through the deck, actually it is spending as much time as is right for you, regardless of the amount of time it takes before you turn over a card. It is a practice of focusing and creating.

If you are off by a number, as an example if you envisioned a 7 but it was a 8 or higher number then your thoughts are more focused in the future. If it was a 7 and you envisioned a 6 or lower, then your thoughts are more focused in the past. A 6 being only one number lower shows only a bit, maybe one vibration off from the present, one vibe into the past. More numbers off then you are spending more time and focusing on the past.

It is an exuberant feedback practice, mastering cards in showing how close you are at predicting the future, which in actuality is actually you creating the future. The prediction is only a linear perception of momentum of time in space, since we are really always creating. Predictions are an illusion. If we are focused in no time, in the focus of the infinite dimension where all is simultaneously occurring.

So the time you spend doing the card discipline is a great practice for your own feedback of how long you can keep your focus on one thing. By continuing the practice you become better and better at seeing through the cards and also at focusing for longer periods of time.

As we know manifesting what we want in quicker time is something we all desire and it takes focusing with pure intention to do it and the reason that the card practice is a great tool.

An amazing website I came across, Vincent J. Daczynski Vincent J. Daczynski writes about his amazing experiences with the most amazing individuals and Yogi's he has met that use supernatural abilities. In chapter one in his website you can read about the man with x-ray eyes man with x-ray eyes the man with x-ray eyes.

There are Ramtha students who have mastered the cards in one month to be able to see all 52 cards. It took the first student in mastering cards 3 years of practice to see through all 52 cards consistently. Now the record has been broken first by one student to do it in one month and now many students have done the same. It is important to also know that these students did not just practice for an hour or so a day, they practice for many hours a day, every day until they mastered all 52 cards consistently.

Greg Simmons, Dr. Gregg on Beyond the Ordinary has mastered the cards in a month, also answers questions on Beyond the Ordinary about the cards and so much more. Though there is a small monthly fee for listening to the archives, it is so worth it.

The students would use another deck of cards until they could master the new deck and so on. Again, it’s all about hardwiring the brain of the new practice mastered so it then can be done any time in the future.

Just as any other practice in physical reality, it takes time for the practice, then more practice for the brain’s hardwiring so that it is a permanent memory to retrieve it. Unless you have become so masterful at shifting realities then its only a thought away from mastering cards or anything else you desire.

In the beginning you may find it a bit frustrating, I know I did, but again this is all part of the reflection and self feedback to work from and responding differently to the eventual mastering cards. Also it will show yourself how committed you are to invest the time for yourself to expand in doing something at first is unknown to you.

You won’t know how profound the practice of mastering the cards is until you experience it yourself and it may become a passion of yours to master it. Do let me know if you do master the cards, I am still practicing it myself.

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