Reverse Speech can be an Amazing Feedback for Yourself
and what Others Believe too

I hope you had a great month!

I thank you again <> for allowing me some time for us to get together again through this ezine.

Was your month a month to notice many contrasts in your experiences? If it was then I hope you also appreciate the contrast to allow it to show you what you don’t want … so you can focus more on what you do want. If you manifested more of what you did want you are on the high vibration so keep the flowing vibration going.

The Fall season can be such a reminder of change, with the changing colors of leaves from the trees and the changing of weather. So by being self aware we can keep expanding into more possibilities and any ways we use to notice feedback is also a great way to be more self aware.

Are you familiar with reverse speech?

Reverse speech can bring more awareness of what we are programmed to believe subconsciously, similar to a Freudian slip. And a great website on reverse speech is David John Oates if you are not familiar with him or his website, he has amazing information about anything you want to know about reverse speech. On his reference library page you can listen to many interviews, recordings and other information too.

Here’s to another month that it can be the most amazing yet for you, so until next time, love yourself because You Are Worth It! And if you have not checked out my page on Loving Yourself then check it out and use your invisible mirror all the time!

Infinite Love Anna Antoski

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